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To Start a Cosmetology Career, You Need Beauty School

December 26th, 2019

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Many people are interested in a career in cosmetology. Although there are a few different paths to a cosmetology career, the best by far is attending beauty school. At a beauty school like Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, you’ll learn a variety of information you need to succeed in the cosmetology or esthetics industry. But why do you actually need beauty school? These are the most prominent reasons.

Meeting Legal Requirements

First off, in many jurisdictions, you actually need to go through beauty school to have a cosmetology career. Generally, you need to pass a licensure test to practice. These requirements may vary between jurisdictions, but when you take your licensure test, you need to have a certain amount of experience in the industry.

Esthetics and cosmetology programs will help you learn the skills you need to pass a licensure test. This is important because it makes sure your guests stay safe. From nail salons to skin injections, all cosmetology and esthetics practices require a certain amount of safety awareness on your part, and beauty school will give you that awareness.

Demonstrating Your Dedication

Even if your jurisdiction doesn’t require a licensure test, you should still take one. That’s because people expect you to have the minimum amount of education you need to make sure all of your guests stay safe in your practice.

Beauty school requires a certain amount of dedication. Although schools like Tricoci University make it as easy as possible for you to learn the skills you need, you do have to dedicate yourself to learning these skills. When you can show you’ve gone through a renowned beauty school and passed your licensure tests, salon guests and other cosmetologists will respect you more.

Opening Career Opportunities

When you have the education provided to you by beauty school, you’ll have many more career opportunities than you would without it. Salons are much more willing to add someone to their team when that person has a great education from a well-known beauty school, and salon guests will feel much more comfortable when they know you have that education.

That’s why beauty school is the first step to your future success, although it’s definitely not the last one. After you’ve gone through a cosmetology or esthetics program from Tricoci University, you’ll be prepared to enter the field of cosmetology for a career, setting you up for potentially the rest of your life.

Giving You Specialized Information

It’s true that specialty areas like cosmetology need certain amounts of education, but that education is even more necessary when dealing with areas like esthetics. Many individuals who go through an esthetics program use that information to perform skin care procedures that actually require medical information, and you should get that information from a beauty school.

Regardless of the specialized information you’re interested in, a beauty school is really the only place you’ll be able to learn that information properly. As someone who’s interested in beauty as a career rather than just a hobby, beauty school should be something that you invest your time and energy into.


You need cosmetology training to become a cosmetologist. Even if it’s not a legal requirement in your area, it’s definitely a social one, and cosmetology school will teach you far more than just hair and makeup skills. It’s extremely important that you get your cosmetology training from a professional establishment, and that’s why Tricoci University is such a great option. Get in contact today and take the first step toward your future.

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