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Can a Cosmetology Career Really Set Up Your Future?

December 30th, 2019


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Many people find themselves interested in the cosmetology field for a potential career, especially as you move closer to the end of high school. You might look into cosmetology if you previously have experience with makeup artistry, hairstyling, or other cosmetology skills. But many people think of cosmetology as simply being “good at makeup,” and that can lead to a lot of incorrect concepts surrounding cosmetology. In fact, cosmetology makes a great career option for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few reasons cosmetology is a genuine career option you should consider.

Jobs in the Cosmetology Field

“Cosmetology” is an umbrella term, and although you can definitely become a general cosmetologist, that’s not what many people end up becoming. You can pursue a huge variety of specialized jobs, all of which have an important place in the cosmetology field.

There are huge benefits both in the specialization and in the general nature of cosmetology. With regard to specialization, you have the ability to choose a job that really speaks to you, and one you’ll really love pursuing. But the general nature of cosmetology means that if you want to move into a different specialization after a while, you’ll have the basic knowledge you need to transfer over.

The Necessity of Cosmetology

Even though some people don’t think about it much, cosmetology is a genuinely important part of society. Every culture has some form of importance attached to different types of cosmetology, and although those types may vary between cultures, they’re all definitely an important part of it.

That means cosmetologists will always be an important part of any society. As a cosmetologist, you’ll know information people need, and that makes it a useful job field that anyone can appreciate. That’s why beauty schools exist in the first place; they help you learn the skills you need to provide people with these important services.

Cosmetology Isn’t Going Anywhere

Because cosmetology is so important, it’s definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. Think about it — ancient Egypt was characterized as much by its emphasis on beauty as on its other extremely important advances in scientific areas. That concept persists today, and the variety of services cosmetologists provide are an important part of our culture.

As more people worry about automating jobs, cosmetology is one of the jobs that is safest from automation. That’s because there’s simply no way an automated process can effectively analyze a person’s traits, features and preferences, creatively develop a design, and then execute that design. It’s a very stable job field that has a lot of amazing opportunities.

You Can Make Cosmetology Your Future

At the end of the day, a career is all about stability, and cosmetology has that in spades. As a cosmetologist, you actually have a lot of job security, even if that security is slightly different than what many people think. You can build a career in cosmetology, not just a job, and that’s an incredibly important thing to keep in mind.

Cosmetologists can definitely make a lot of money. It’s a trade, and beauty schools like Tricoci University of Beauty Culture are essentially trade schools that can teach you a valuable service. For many people, learning a trade is actually the best way to create a career that you can stay with for many years, and cosmetology is a great example.


If you’re looking for a great job field that’s steadily expanding and not in any danger of automation, then cosmetology is the right place for you. If you decide to go through a cosmetology program from Tricoci University, you can turn that into a career you can stay with for the rest of your life. Contact Tricoci University today and take the first step toward a career you can count on.

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