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16 Top Beauty School Careers

January 2nd, 2020

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Do you wonder what you could do with a beauty school career?

We’ve rounded up some of the top careers in the beauty industry. Find out what type of beauty professional you could become after graduating from the Cosmetology program, Esthetics program, Barbering program or Nail Technology program at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

Hairstylist Career Options

1. Hairdresser: As a hairdresser, you’ll perform haircuts, hair coloring, conditioning treatments and hair texturizing services. With your cosmetology license, you could spend your career working on people’s hair all day long.

2. Hair Designer: As a hair designer, you’ll provide the instructions that establish a client’s style. This can include directing hairdressers on the best color and cut. It could also mean developing new trendsetting hairstyles.

3. Barber: With a career as a barber, you’ll bring men’s hairstyles to life, providing services in hair cutting, shaving, edging and grooming.

Makeup Career Options

4. Makeup Artist: By becoming a makeup artist, you could turn your love of makeup into a career. Makeup artists learn professional application techniques, in-depth product information, beauty trends, and how to apply makeup to highlight a client’s features.

5. Theatrical Makeup: Makeup artists can specialize in theatrical applications by applying their skills to the performing arts, film or TV industries. With this specialty, special effects makeup artists create characters and visual illusions.

6. Events Makeup: There are strong career opportunities for events-based makeup artists. Working in niche markets, you could have a career doing makeup for weddings, editorial photo shoots, or runway fashion shows.

Skincare Career Options

7. Esthetician: As a licensed esthetician, you’ll provide skin care treatments, facials, chemical peels and other beautification services.

8. Waxing Specialist: With a career in waxing, you’ll help clients get smooth skin and better style. Whether they’re looking for the perfect eyebrow arch or want a hair removal treatment, beauty treatments are provided by waxing specialists.

9. Microdermabrasion Specialist: As an esthetician focusing on microdermabrasion, you’ll specialize in treatments that use a specialized exfoliation machine to improve clients’ skin tone, reduce fine lines and adds vibrancy to their complexion.

Nails Technician Career Options

10. Manicurist: With a career in manicuring, nail technicians provide grooming services for hands and feet that include applying nail polish, acrylic nails and moisturizing treatments.

11. Nail Artist: A career in nail artistry focuses on style and design. While there is some overlap with manicurists, nail artists specialize in painting airbrush designs, adding nail embellishments and other creative approaches to nails.

Career Options in the Business of Beauty

12. Business Owner: While managing your own salon, spa or barbershop, you’ll be able to make your mark in the beauty industry. For example, as a salon owner, you could build a business that provides grooming, relaxation and beauty treatments.

13. Beauty Consultant: If you love makeovers, you could be destined for a career as a beauty consultant. You’ll work as a stylist, coaching your clients on hair and makeup.

14. Product Sales Rep: When you work as a product sales rep, you’ll partner with a manufacturer to bring their product line to salons or customers. You could be selling shampoo, hair products, makeup, skin cream or other beauty products.

15. Beauty Marketing: The beauty industry has strong opportunities for a career in marketing. You could work directly with a brand as a publicist, or you could build an online audience as a YouTube blogger or Instagram influencer.

16. Beauty School Instructor: When you become a beauty school instructor, you’re helping others get a cosmetology education as they work toward their goals of having a beauty career.

How to Start a Beauty Career

To begin your career in the beauty business, you’ll need to be trained and licensed.

To prepare for cosmetology careers, you can attend cosmetology school either full-time or part-time. At Tricoci University’s 16 campuses, it’s easy to get started. You only need to meet the age requirements and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Learn more about how Tricoci University has helped students to pursue their passions and launch successful careers.

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