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Top 5 Hair and Makeup-Loving Instagramers

February 27th, 2015

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by Erin DiGangi, Digital Marketing and Search Specialist at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

When trolling Instagram looking for the hottest trends in hair and makeup it can be hit or miss when finding something that interests you enough to actually follow it. No one wants to clutter their social media feeds with “so-so” hair and makeup posts from people who don’t set your imagination on fire. Well don’t worry, we’ve done the dirty work for you and found who WE think are the newest and hottest in beauty industry.

We’ve narrowed down our top 5 favorite Instagramers that post things we drool over on a daily basis and think you will too.  So take a moment, check them out, and hopefully find some inspiration for your next work of art.


If you’re a colorist and don’t know about Guy Tang – YOU SHOULD. Guy has become not only a leader in new coloring trends but has recently become a top educator in the beauty world. What’s so great about him? Well, he and the rest of the world consider him a “hair activist” and ombre expert – spending entire days (or nights) on a single client’s color in order to protect the hair from as little damage as humanly possible. We don’t think we’ve EVER seen him use heat or a dryer on his YouTube channel and tends to do multiple color correction processes in order to get the perfect base for his creation. Slow and steady wins the race for him and from we can tell – it’s DEFINITELY paying off.


Lisa Eldridge does the most flawless makeup we’ve ever seen. The detail she uses on each of her clients to create the most perfect look is truly aw-inducing. Have your doubts? With 20 years of experience Lisa has become one of the most recognized faces in the beauty industry in around the world. Not only does she have one of the most followed YouTube channels in beauty, but she’s a resident beauty expert for Channel 4’s “Ten Years Younger” series and this January was just named the New Makeup Creative Director for Lancome. Seriously. And if you haven’t run to Instagram to follow her yet, then let us convince you with our favorite of her YouTube looks, a vintage 30’s “Biba Fever” look at


Chuck Amos is a celebrity hair stylist that styles some of the most beauty ethnic hair we’ve ever seen. That being said, he doesn’t only do ethnic hair – it’s just what will captivate you as it did us. His start began with a chance encounter with Brandy, styling her for her entire career, and soon after he was at celebrity hair status. Now, with his signature look The Diana Ross (huge, over-the-top hair) he tends to look to the past for inspiration – which worked well for when he nailed Beyonce’s “floating” hair on the cover on her Dangerously in Love album. “I started to see the real technique of how to do hair. Not just how to take it from beauty school, but how to heighten your awareness of what you know from beauty school, and to put it in the form or shape that is appealing to a viewer’s eye.”


Jenny Strebe is a hair stylist gone hair blogger, YouTuber, and social media icon with her Confessions of a Hairstylist heat wave. Known for her seriously fierce braids, she’s the go-to-girl on traditional hair with an edge. You won’t see your typical braids and updos here – these are handmade creations by the woman herself looking for bold new takes on their boring originators. If you think braids are stale – or “I’ve seen every kind of braid 100 times” – you haven’t. We don’t know how she does it but her messy faux hawk dutch braid is hot enough to kill at the Oscars, and you can quote us on that.


If you’re looking for creative demo-worthy makeup, Pat is your woman. Pat McGrath is the most influential makeup artist in the world and in one fashion season does over 27 major shows from Dior to Gucci. We’re talking catwalk worthy looks – drama and ARTISTRY. Using faces as canvases to create a “feel” and mood instead of your standard what-to-wear-to-work looks. “Everyday makeup is fine gorgeous and helps us all out, but you do need to see that inspiration that fires you up, makes you dream of something else. You’ve got to escape, haven’t you.” Says Pat, British accent and all.

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