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March 18th, 2015

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Beauty Has No Limits. This was the theme for this year’s 5th annual Miss Amazing Pageant on March 7th, 2015 at Butler University. And after working with the ladies of the Pageant, it is most certainly true. Promoting self-esteem, life skills and confidence, Miss Amazing Inc. is designed for young women ages 5+ with any disability and is definitely transforming the meaning of beauty for us all. Through the skills learned in a pageant atmosphere such as public speaking, interviewing and meeting new people, the girls are able to increase their abilities outside of the pageant and are encouraged to take their newly mastered skills into their daily lives.

Tricoci University students from the Lafayette campus got to spend some time with almost all the contestants that wanted to have their hair, make up, or nails done. Interacting with the girls that were in the Miss Amazing pageant really made all of the students feel amazing. The girls may have disabilities, but when it came to becoming a pageant contestant, they knew exactly what they wanted and how beautiful they really were.

And at the pageant it was true, beauty does NOT have limits. Every participant knew exactly how beautiful and special they were and could literally light up the whole room with a smile or a laugh. They knew that they were making a difference in the world by being themselves.

“As I walked around taking pictures of all of the girls, some would say, ‘Let me see how beautiful I am!’ Just hearing how excited they were made my heart fill with joy and happiness.” – Sydney Crownover, Guest Services Coordinator/Student Success Advisor

“From personal experience, I have seen young women transform in a day’s time. From barely speaking as we greet them that morning to leaving after crowning with smiles on their faces and plenty of hugs to give out; it is evident the effect our volunteers have on them. Watching the girls transform even from backstage to their “stage personalities” is absolutely incredible. Most of them can work a stage and their crowd better than professional speakers and performers; the energy they create in the room is powerful and contagious. For me, Miss Amazing has literally been life changing. These last 4 years have made me into the person I am today and I thank The Lord for the opportunity I was given to impact so many lives, but most importantly, for changing me as a person and opening the door to me for this incredible eye-opening journey.” – Megan Layne, State Director of the Indiana Miss Amazing Pageant

It truly was a life changing experience for the Lafayette campus Tricoci students that participated in this year’s event and will be participating in this event for years to come. The Miss Amazing Pageant has shined a new light into our student’s and instructor’s eyes, and has a new found place in our heart. What a great foundation for all girls with disabilities, and for anyone that volunteers.

For more photos of The Miss Amazing Pageant visit our Facebook page atwww.facebook.com/TricociUniversity.

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