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Tricoci Loves Community: Opening Up a New Tricoci Culture

April 5th, 2021

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At Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, there’s always something new happening. In the spirit of the Tricoci University founder, Mario Tricoci, Tricoci University is always trying to reach out to the community around it. By ensuring it remains part of the community at large, Tricoci University has been able to have an actual impact on the communities it sends cosmetologists to. Tricoci Loves Community, the newest Tricoci endeavor, is the latest in the university’s attempts to help students give back to the community.

What Is Tricoci Loves Community?

Tricoci Loves Community is a movement that recognizes the contributions of military members, teachers and frontline workers to the communities at large. Through Tricoci Loves Community, these individuals can receive beauty services at discounted rates, showcasing how Tricoci University is reaching out to the community around them.

The Tricoci Loves Community movement isn’t just about the COVID-19 pandemic, either. This is about recognizing and thanking these hard workers for their important contributions to the community before, during, and after the pandemic. After all, these individuals do a lot for the community at all times of the year, and Tricoci University believes that should be celebrated.

What Does Tricoci Loves Community Offer?

Depending on who you are, Tricoci Loves Community may offer different options. Military members, including active-duty military members and veterans, are eligible for free haircuts, while teachers and frontline workers are eligible for a 10% discount on a variety of products and services at a local Tricoci University campus.

This means military members can come in at any time to get their free haircuts. Teachers and frontline workers can use their 10% discount on any product or service, including haircuts, coloring, skin care and beauty services, waxing, nail technician services, and makeup application. Call your local Tricoci University clinical salon to find out what services they offer.

Who Is Eligible for Tricoci Loves Community?

At a baseline, Tricoci Loves Community offers discounts to military members, teachers and frontline workers. However, some people might not know exactly what that means. Who qualifies as a military member? What is a frontline worker? Are there some teachers who aren’t eligible for the discounts through Tricoci Loves Community?

If you have any uncertainty about whether you qualify, your best option will always be to call your local Tricoci University clinical salon and ask about whether you specifically would be eligible. They’ll be able to tell you whether you’re eligible and what you should bring to show your eligibility. You can also set up an appointment to ensure you get in.

How Is Tricoci University Creating a Culture of Community?

The Tricoci Loves Community campaign is part of Tricoci University’s initiative attempting to create a culture of community inside the university that extends outside. It’s pioneered by the Teaching, Learning, Caring community, also called the TLC, which operates throughout the year and attempts to help with community outreach.

In general, Tricoci University wants to reach out to the community because it’s a crucial part of being a functioning beauty school. After all, the university is going to put cosmetologists and estheticians into the community, so it’s only right that these people understand the importance of the community around them.


When you’re looking for a beauty school, you want to know that the school respects the community around it. If you’re looking for a beauty service, you might want to see whether you can get a discount. No matter which side you’re on, Tricoci University is a great option. With the Tricoci Loves Community initiative, you can be sure that Tricoci University cares about the community and, if you’re a military member, teacher or frontline worker, you can get a discounted service. Aspiring cosmetologists can request more information today, while potential clients can find the different salon locations nearby.

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