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April 5th, 2021


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Guest post by Kara Zerga, TUBC student at our Rockford Campus.

After you’ve completed your entire beauty school education, one of the biggest steps in your journey will be to go through graduation. When you graduate, you’re demonstrating all of the impressive skills you have learned and showing you have the passion for your program of choice. Now you’re able to provide service to other people. Kara Zerga, a student at the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture Rockford campus, was able to take a moment to reflect on her experience leading up to graduation. Here are the four biggest things she enjoyed through school.

1. Meeting Great People

Tricoci Class

First and foremost, Kara noted that she met incredible people she would never forget. Specifically, she realized that these people helped her keep her head up even when she really wanted to give up. By relying on the people she was in close contact with every day, Kara was able to maintain her education all the way to the end.

This is a great example of the friendships you can make during your time at beauty school.Finding a school that fits for you can enable you to create a wonderful support system that will exist beyond your days in the classroom. Kara was able to discover that personally when she met all the great people in her program.

2. Having Incredible Teachers

Learning at Tricoci

Kara also had a lot of praise for her teachers, whom she partially credits for her ability to make it through her education process. “If I ever needed to talk to someone or vent, there was always a teacher to listen and give me advice,” she reflected. “If there was anything that I needed help on with clients or on my mannequin, there was always a teacher to help me.”

Teachers can be a hugely beneficial part of your educational process. It’s extremely important that you’re able to connect with your teachers, and you need to know that your teachers really want you to succeed. At a school like Tricoci University, you’re going to get teachers who are the best of the best and are actively trying to help you succeed.

3. Growing Friendships With Clients

Student at Tricoci

Communicating with clients can be some of the toughest parts of the job. As Kara recalls, “I was very nervous when I first started working the floor and took clients. I thought I was going to do horribly and was scared that I wasn’t going to make them happy.” However, this fear didn’t last. “I’ve definitely grown a friendship with my clientele here. I’ve learned how to be a receptionist and I’ve learned great customer service and communication.”

At Tricoci University, you don’t just learn the skills you need to work as a cosmetologist, esthetician, barber or nail technician. You also learn how to work with clients on a day-to-day basis. Customer service skills are just as important as technical skills, which is an important component of your experience at Tricoci University.


After graduating from Tricoci University, Kara says she wants to make “on the go” services for busy individuals who can’t come to a salon, coming to them directly instead. This is just one option that might be possible for someone who graduates from a Tricoci University program. If Kara’s story has persuaded you to consider beauty school, consider signing up for a Tricoci University tour today. You never know what will help you take the next step.

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