Where Do Estheticians Work?
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Where Do Estheticians Work?

Posted on: April 25th, 2020

Medical Spa

If you’ve ever had any interest in working in a clinical environment, a career as a medical esthetician could be a great fit for you. At a medical spa, you can expect to be working in a practice that is somewhere in-between a traditional day spa and medical clinic. Medical estheticians work with dermatologists and other healthcare professionals to provide various skincare treatments and services to patients. You can expect to be exposed to a wider and more advanced range of treatments than in a traditional spa setting. Common medical spa procedures include laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, Botox injections, microneedling, and more.


Hair salons that offer spa services are always in need of professional estheticians to help their clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Those who thrive in social settings tend to enjoy working in a salon setting due to the vibrant social environment you’ll be immersed in daily. You can expect to regularly perform facials and massages, as well as different body treatments on clients. What makes working in a salon unique is that you will be constantly forming strong relationships with the clients you see regularly, as well as educating them about proper skin care. If you lean more towards the makeup artist side of esthetics, working in a salon will help you gain exposure and experience helping give makeovers.

Day Spa

Those who enjoy being in a serene and calming environment on a daily basis find working in a day spa to be an extremely gratifying workplace. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to provide services aimed at helping clients ease their mental and physical stress. Seeking employment at a day spa will give you the strong grasp of proven stress-relief and relaxation techniques. A high job satisfaction rate is common due to the positive impact spa professionals are able to have on their client’s overall well-being.

Dermatology Clinic

If you enjoy working in a fast-paced professional environment, then be sure to consider a career working at a dermatology clinic. Here, you’ll be assisting doctors in performing medical and cosmetic procedures on patients who come in. You can expect to be exposed to many learning opportunities involving the medical field and healthcare practices. Common duties may include helping patients maintain a skincare routine prescribed by a dermatologist, performing microdermabrasion, and determining the skin types and appropriate skin care accordingly.


Believe it or not, the amount of unique opportunities to take your esthetics knowledge and work remotely is growing faster than ever before. Skin care and cosmetics knowledge is coveted in many online communities and can be used to launch a career as a beauty influencer or beauty blogger. In this career path, you will be helping thousands across the globe to address their skin and beauty concerns at home. Few jobs offer the same level of creativity and flexibility where you will be constantly improving how to grow your own personal brand and connect with your audience.