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Why We Love Tricoci University

December 16th, 2015

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By Larry Silvestri, SVP/COO Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spas

As the Chief Operating Officer of Mario Tricoci, I’m often asked for recommendations regarding how to break into the business, which is the ‘best’ school, is this a good career, what does one need to know, etc. There are many good schools in Chicago and we recruit from all of them with success. However, I always recommend Tricoci University of Beauty Culture when asked because I know our belief and value systems are the same, and their grads are more “salon-ready” than most other grads from other schools. In addition, both of our companies are run with the highest integrity and the importance of taking responsibility; and acting with integrity is also taught to TUBC students.

A lot of people don’t realize that our salons & day spas are a separate company from TUBC since both were created by our mutual founder and beauty innovator, Mario Tricoci. With Mario as the mentor and visionary for both businesses, I find we share many of the same beliefs and values. At our core, we are focused on launching successful careers in the beauty industry and are fully committed to our technicians. It is clear to me that Tricoci University is similarly committed to their students by preparing them for more than a license. They are being mentored and equipped for a sustainable career. Look at what former TUBC graduates who are top performers at Mario Tricoci are saying.

“I am Mario… because I have been able to turn a hobby into a career that gives me so many opportunities and that I enjoy every moment of!” – Joe, Stylist at Hawthorn, @JoeVStylistMT at #MarioTricociHawthorn


We find that students from TUBC ramp up faster than most new technicians we bring onto our team. Their foundational learning, interpersonal skills and other attributes of a top performer, such as consultation before a service, caring about the guest, knowing how to greet a new guest and build relationships, puts them far ahead of the curve when they join the salon environment.

Mario has designed the schools to look and feel much like a cutting edge salon and spa from the way the treatment rooms are equipped to the high-quality products the students use throughout their training. He takes it to the next level by providing his students with the newest products that have the most active ingredients and keeping up on the latest technology so that it can be taught even as it is just emerging in the industry.

“I am Mario… because I am happy to work for a company that gives me so many opportunities in the hair industry to continue learning and growing as an artist.” – Zoe, Colorist at #MarioTricociSchaumburg


Once we hire a new style or color assistant, we put them through a rigorous 9 month training program of our own before they are awarded a station.  History has proven that students from Tricoci University more often than not qualify for our Excel Program, enabling them to complete our training in as little as 6 months. John Gialliuisi, our Creative Director states that, “We are lucky to have TUBC [as a partner]. Our programs marry each other, so when we hire a TUBC student they speak the same language and progress quickly through our program.”

“I am Mario… because I get to have fun while working. The company is full of hard working, talented and outgoing people.” – Sean, Color Assistant at #MarioTricociLibertyville


We are seriously looking into adopting one of the innovative educational delivery systems TUBC developed called PRO, an online learning environment. This would fit perfectly with our training needs and has the added advantage of being accessible on any device from a computer to a tablet to a mobile device. It couldn’t be more convenient for our technicians who already work in a sharing and helping environment.

“I am Mario… because every day I am rewarded with the satisfaction of guest’s feeling and looking amazing.” – Adriana, Colorist at #MarioTricociGeneva


Our Color Department Manager, Nelida D’Allessandro also highly recommends TUBC and says, “It is a progressive and state of the art Institution that develops students that are ambitious and passionate for what they do.”

In short, TUBC provides education for talented professionals to get the foundation needed to be a top performer at Mario Tricoci.

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