If you’re part of the Chicago beauty community for longer than a few weeks, you’ll probably learn about America’s Beauty Show. It’s a beauty show produced by the nonprofit association that serves cosmetologists, barbers, estheticians and more in the Chicago area. It’s also one of the best ways to learn more about current innovations in the beauty industry and connect with other beauty professionals. If you want to succeed in the Chicago beauty community, you’ll want to know more about America’s Beauty Show.


The History of America’s Beauty Show

America’s Beauty Show can, in some way, trace its history all the way back to 1912. After all, this was when the Chicago & Illinois Hairdressers & Wigmakers Association first formed. It morphed into the Chicago & Illinois Hairdressers Association in 1920, which eventually became Cosmetologists Chicago, the organization that now runs America’s Beauty Show.

In 1923, Columbus Behan planned a Midwest beauty show with Paul Rilling, the Chicago & Illinois Hairdressers Association president, and in 1924, the two pulled off the first-ever beauty trade show at Hotel Sherman. This would eventually become America’s Beauty Show, a yearly three-day event that people across the world look forward to as a great example of what the beauty industry is capable of.

Although America’s Beauty Show hosts competitions, the competitive aspect is just one element of America’s Beauty Show. As a matter of fact, America’s Beauty Show is much more about community than it is about competition. Whether you’ve been a cosmetologist for a decade or this is your first year post-graduation, America’s Beauty Show and Cosmetologists Chicago want to make sure you get something out of the experience.

The Importance of America’s Beauty Show to Chicago

America’s Beauty Show is a collaborative effort between Cosmetologists Chicago and its sister associations, which include Cosmetologists Illinois, CIDESCO United States, the International Nail Technicians Association, and the American Association for Esthetics. As you might expect from the two first names, that means America’s Beauty Show is well acquainted with the Chicago area, and it always strives to give back to the community.

America’s Beauty Show functions on a membership format, allowing students, graduates, professionals and salon owners to purchase memberships so that they can access all elements of the community. With a membership, not only do you receive free admission to the America’s Beauty Show event, but you also get digital, online and in-person events, business service discounts, and even health insurance quotes. It’s a way to give back to the Chicago community.

Plus, hosting the America’s Beauty Show event in Chicago makes people remember how important the beauty scene in Chicago is and always has been. It’s a huge boost to tourism in Chicago, but it’s also a way to cement Chicago as one of the biggest cities in the United States and worldwide for cosmetology. This reputation bolsters Chicago beauty experts in a variety of ways.

What You’ll Learn at America’s Beauty Show

Every America’s Beauty Show three-day event is different. However, you can always be certain that you’ll be able to access information on new techniques, continuing education, and even product-specific exhibitions and certifications. When it comes to product-specific certifications, you may need to pay an extra fee to attend a specific class.

Of course, the closer America’s Beauty Show is to the actual event, the more information will be available on exactly what America’s Beauty Show will offer with regard to product presentations, shows, licensing opportunities and more. It’s best to sign up for email updates so you get all that information in your email inbox as soon as it’s available.

All of this information is amazing for existing professionals that want to continue learning, but it’s absolutely vital for students and new graduates. That’s why America’s Beauty Show provides discounted memberships for brand-new graduates and even more heavily discounted memberships for students. If you’re currently in a Tricoci University of Beauty Culture program like the cosmetology program or the esthetics program, you can get an America’s Beauty Show membership at a hugely discounted rate, helping you move your education forward.


The Chicago beauty community loves America’s Beauty Show, and for good reason. It celebrates the best and the brightest in the beauty community as a whole, but especially in the Chicago beauty community. If you’re currently looking to become part of the Chicago beauty community, whether you haven’t even started looking into schools or you’re getting ready to graduate soon, a membership to America’s Beauty Show could be your first step. Check when next year’s America’s Beauty Show is happening and plan ahead.