Best Hairstyling and Cutting Services in Chicago

Finding a great haircut or hairstyle is about far more than just seeing a hairstyle you like in a book and transferring it onto your head precisely. It requires the work of a skilled cosmetologist, who will be able to look at your references and recreate the way the hairstyle looks with your specific hair texture and type. At Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, every hairstyle is a work of art. Here are the styling and cutting services available at Tricoci University clinical salons.

Shampoo and Conditioning

With every haircut, you get a shampoo and hair conditioning to start the process. After all, your hair will behave differently before and after it’s clean; you want to start with a style that looks right with clean hair. The shampoo and hair conditioning will put your hair in pristine condition no matter where you’re planning to go with it afterward.

Haircuts in Any Style

Of course, Tricoci University students learn how to do haircuts in any style, whether you’re looking to get an ultra-fancy brand-new style or a very classic simple cut. If you’re interested in something that the founder of Tricoci University, award-winning stylist Mario Tricoci, styled himself, you can choose from one of these classic hairstyles:

  • The Legacy – Graduated Bob Sculpture
  • The Legend – Long Layer Sculpture
  • The Classic – Classic Bob Sculpture
  • The Edgy – Short Layer Sculpture
  • The Trend – Creative Sculpture
  • The Tailored – Clipper Cut

Because every hairstyle starts with a personalized consultation, you can always talk to your cosmetologist about the options available and how you want your hairstyle to look at the end of the day.

Tailored Barbering Styles

If you want a close-cropped barbering style, Tricoci University’s clinical salons also offer this type of style. This includes everything from a general clipper haircut to a full-head shave. You can also receive unique mustache and beard shaves and trims. Plus, to make sure your final style looks as good as possible, you can also get lining services along the front hairline and the neck.

Hair Coloring and Highlights

Hair coloring is something far too many people have tried to do at home with a box dye, only to end up with unhealthy hair, a color that doesn’t look right at all, or a dye that bleeds for days and even weeks after application. Whether you’re doing a full head of bright dye, you want an ombre flair, or you’re looking for extremely subtle highlights, a professional job is always the way to go. A Tricoci University student will be happy to help you find the coloring or highlight option you’re looking for.

Hair Texturing, Straightening and Curling

Changing the texture or curl level of your hair isn’t easy. Doing it at home can be an option in some cases, but if you’re hoping to use a chemical product or you want a salon-style blowout, it’s best to leave these to professionals. The good news is that Tricoci University makes it simple for you to get hair curling, hair texturing, and hair straightening in the Chicago area.

Hair Repair

What if you’ve tried to do a chemical treatment on your hair, whether that was a chemical relaxer or a box dye, and it ended up frying your hair? Hair repair isn’t always fully possible, and you may need to cut some of your hair off to get it looking luscious and beautiful again. However, with help from Tricoci University, you may be able to get a deep conditioning treatment that can restore luster to your damaged hair.

Special Event Hair

Do you have a photoshoot, a prom night, or a dance coming up soon? Special events require special hairstyles, and Tricoci University knows how important it can be to have special hairstyles for your upcoming big day. If you need a hairstyle that’s even more special than the style you rock every day, visit your local Chicago Tricoci University location to get a style that will fit.

Find Your Next Hairstyle at a Tricoci University Clinical Salon Location Near You

Haircutting and hairstyling salons in the Chicago area can be a great boon to the community around them, and with Tricoci University clinical salons, you get the same great experience at a fraction of the price. You can book an appointment at a Chicago area Tricoci University clinical salon by calling one of these numbers:

Bridgeview: 708-233-9933, 7350 West 87th Street, Bridgeview, IL

Chicago NE (Rogers Park): 773-764-6458, 6458 North Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL

Chicago NW (O’Hare): 773-467-1900, 5321 North Harlem Avenue, Chicago, IL

Glendale Heights: 630-790-1500, 530 East North Avenue, Glendale Heights, IL


If you’re looking for a great hair salon or studio in the Chicago area, it’s hard to beat the Tricoci University clinical salons. Not only will you get a great deal on your new hairstyle, but you’ll also play an integral role in training the next generation of cosmetologists. No matter what style you’re looking for, a Tricoci University cosmetology student can help you achieve it.