Cosmetologist Program in Norwood Park, Illinois


If you have been considering cosmetology schools in the greater Chicago area, the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture should be your first choice. The quality of your cosmetology program is a huge factor in any future success you may have. Read on to find out what you need to know about the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture’s cosmetology program.


Going through hair school opens many different doors in all kinds of industries. Cosmetology is a reliable trade that offers a robust, rewarding career with a real future. In a world where automation is becoming more of an issue, cosmetology is a safe field.

When you choose Tricoci University’s Cosmetology program, we will prepare you for many different careers. Here are a few of the career paths you could take with a quality cosmetology education:

  • Hairstylist
  • Colorist
  • Wedding Stylist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Salon Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Salon Sales Assistant
  • Business Owner

Our Cosmetology program will give you access to a career that is lucrative and enjoyable. Whatever you love to do the most, our cosmetology program can help you to bring your ideal future into focus.


Trade school has attracted more and more people from different walks of life these days. At Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, we welcome students of all ages, economic backgrounds and aspirations. This is why we offer a range of schedules; if you need to earn while you learn, we will do our utmost to accommodate your schedule.

This is not just about accessibility, however; it’s good preparation for working life in this field. Professional cosmetologists often have unique working schedules—learning to adapt to this as you learn will be of huge benefit.

Our 1,500-hour program is one of Tricoci University’s most popular options. To make it easier for students, we offer two programs: full-time and part-time. The full-time Cosmetology program lasts for 12 months, while part-time students will be able to finish the program in 20 months.


We believe that the beauty industry should be open to everyone, not just those who can pay for their education up front. This is why Tricoci University’s Chicago NW campus offers many different financial aid options to our students. Federal financial aid programs are, of course, the most commonly known, but they are not your only options. Because Tricoci University is accredited by NACCAS, we are able to accept federal financial aid as well as other forms of funding for our students.

The team at Tricoci University can also help connect you with national and international beauty university scholarships. Lastly, Tricoci University offers interest-free monthly payment plans for students who simply need to spread the cost of education. You can choose to spread your tuition into equal installments throughout your program. This gives you a chance to pay as you go, so to speak.

If you want to learn more about all your financial aid opportunities, please contact our team directly.


    • Are Cosmetology Schools in Chicago a Good Career Choice?

One of the main reasons that cosmetology (or any career in the beauty industry) is so attractive to many people is the personal nature of it. This is work that is versatile, creative, and most importantly, non-automatable.

    • How Expensive Is Tricoci University’s Cosmetology Class Near Me?

If you want to know what your course is likely to cost, you should use the Chicago NW cosmetology price calculator to learn more. This will provide you with an idea of the kind of funds you need to raise either through savings, financial aid or regular payments via a payment plan.

    • Do I Have to Wait Until the Fall to Start at Tricoci University?

No! Unlike traditional colleges which use a fall/spring course schedule, we start new classes every six weeks. This means that we always have a new learning opportunity on the horizon!


If you want to be a part of the Chicago beauty community, a great place to start is the Norwood Park campus. With stunning facilities and some of the best teachers in the city, the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture offers the very best to its students across all of its locations.

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