Esthetician School in Rogers Park, Illinois


Esthetics is one of the most essential and versatile fields in the beauty industry today. Estheticians are responsible for a variety of beauty treatments, ranging from skincare to makeup application. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture gives you access to a high-quality beauty school in Chicago, making it easy for you to succeed in a vibrant and exciting career path. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do with our esthetics program under your belt.


Courses in an esthetics school don’t just pigeonhole you into a specific career – they open up many opportunities in the beauty industry and beyond. When you learn this trade, you can maintain your esthetics career as a job for years to come. You will have a variety of career options until you’re ready to retire.

Tricoci University offers one of the very best esthetics program in Chicago. We can help you get ready for whatever career you’re most interested in. These are some of the potential options once you are trained:

  • Facialist
  • Electrologist
  • Waxing Specialist
  • Body Treatment Specialist
  • Medi-Spa Esthetician
  • Makeup Artist
  • Bridal Makeup Specialist
  • Permanent Makeup Applicator

You’re sure to find a career you love through the Chicago Tricoci University esthetics program. All you need is to set your mind on what you want and we’ll help you get there.


The esthetics curriculum at our Rogers Park campus gives you access to a variety of options. When you’re building your schedule, you need to consider all of your responsibilities and scheduling options. This is especially important because beauty professionals often have unusual schedules. Whether you’re self-employed or employed by a salon or agency, you might have a hugely varying schedule in your day-to-day life. That’s why we offer a range of schedules, from morning classes to evening programs and blended courses.

Another way Tricoci University helps students with their education is by offering different curriculum options to suit different lifestyles. You can go through the 750-hour full-time program in around six months or a part-time program in nine months.


Learning a trade is the perfect opportunity for people who want a secure career, no matter their financial background. If you’re interested in our esthetics course, you will find many different financial aid options open to you. NACCAS accredited Tricoci University; this means that the U.S. Department of Education can give you access to federal financial aid for your education costs. If you meet the financial requirements, you could have most or even all of your tuition covered.

That’s not where financial aid stops, however. You will find various esthetician school scholarships are available on a local, national, and international level. If you’re trying to bridge the gap between scholarship money and the remainder of your tuition, talk to Tricoci University about our interest-free monthly payment plan. With this plan, you can spread out the cost of your education and keep things flowing as you focus on your education.


    • Q: Why is Esthetician School a Good Idea?

As an esthetician, you will provide a service that is non-automatable. While many consider beauty treatments a luxury, this is a hugely diverse and lucrative industry that will allow you to work in many different fields.

    • Q: How Much Does it Cost to Attend Tricoci University’s Esthetician Course Near Me?

The cost of an esthetics program varies depending on your location, the length of the course, and the level of the qualification you are studying for. If you want more detailed information, please contact our team directly.

    • Q: When Can I Start at Tricoci University?

Unlike traditional colleges, which generally use a fall/spring enrollment schedule, we run new classes every six weeks. This means that there is always an opportunity on the horizon.


There’s always room for more beauty professionals in Chicago. Tricoci University is the place to go if you’re looking for the highest-quality esthetics school in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Your esthetics career can start at Tricoci University’s Chicago NE location. You just have to talk to a Tricoci University team member and begin the admissions process today.

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