If you’re thinking about becoming an esthetician in Glendale Heights, IL, it’s a good idea to consider how this specialty could positively impact your future. That may mean considering the career choices an esthetics program could open up for you. However, many people don’t know any specializations you can move into by becoming an esthetician. Here are just a few of the specialization options available to you as an esthetician in Glendale Heights.


Facials can be an incredibly refreshing, relaxing, and soothing thing to experience, and facialists are experts in doing them. When you give someone a facial, you may need to assess their skin type, ask about allergies and sensitivities, and maintain a positive environment during the facial. As a facialist, you may work in a salon, in a spa or in another environment intended to help clients relieve some of their stress.

Body Treatment Specialist

In many cases, a “body treatment” is essentially using the same concepts as a facial, but applied to the rest of the body instead. If, for example, a client is looking for smoother skin on the arms and legs, you may need to understand the skin problem on the arms and legs, then create something that can tackle that skin problem. Some people may be both facialists and body treatment specialists.

Waxing Specialist

Waxing is a need that many people have, no matter their gender or where they wax. As a waxing specialist, there are many body locations you may specialize in, or you might be a whole-body specialist. Regardless of what area of the body you end up specializing in, this can be an extremely rewarding career, and the special care needed means you may be able to make a lot of money doing it.

Spa Therapist

Spas are all about making sure every person has a uniquely high-quality experience, which means that as a spa therapist, you need to have amazing people skills. Of course, any beauty specialist needs to be good with people, but spa therapists need to know how to make people feel ultra-comfortable and ultra-relaxed. If people skills are your forte, consider looking into spa therapy after becoming an esthetician.

Skin Care Specialist

Many people have difficulty with skin care. These specialists analyze clients’ skin problems, construct methods of dealing with them, and may even apply in-salon fixes for some of these skin problems. That may include natural ingredients or clinical ingredients. As a skin care specialist, you might work in a salon or in a dermatology office — either place is full of people who want to use your talents to improve their skin.

Makeup Artist

Do you love making people look different with their makeup? If so, a makeup artist career might be for you. Makeup artists can specialize in making people look beautiful, like bridal makeup artists, or may specialize in crafting a truly grotesque picture, like sci-fi SFX artists. At the end of the day, makeup artists can do a lot with makeup, so consider this career path if you have a lot of creativity and an eye for colors.

Start Your Journey Toward Becoming an Esthetician Today

Clearly, there are many esthetician specialties you can move into after you complete your esthetics program in Glendale Heights, IL. If you’re looking for a career once you’ve finished becoming an esthetician, one of these may be the perfect option for your needs. Talk to a team member at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture’s Glendale Heights campus today to get information about applying to the esthetics program and learn more about esthetics opportunities.