Ivan Zoot

Licensed Barber, Licensed Cosmetologist and Certified Personal Trainer

Ivan is best known for his online videos as “The Clipperguy” and specializes in working with salons, individuals and brands to build business, increase profits and productivity and to get healthy and stay healthy. Ivan also works independently as a freelance educator, speaker, and trainer with salons, schools like Tricoci University, and individuals. Ivan’s combination of classic barber training and contemporary cosmetology background brings real, useable skills, ideas and techniques to an industry currently obsessed with the crossover between the barber world and the cosmetology universe.

Ivan’s classes are fun to watch, easy to follow and loaded with information which both an aspiring haircutter or an industry veteran can absorb and transform into success, confidence, profit and wellness immediately.

“I have always been all about guy hair and clipper cutting. I wear my hair clipper cut. I cut my wife’s hair with a clipper. My kids have clipper cuts, too. If I had a dog… When I got to cosmetology school, I was drawn to men’s haircutting. I mastered clipper cutting and later got my barber license, too. In my first salon job, I was apprenticed to a stylist who was a master with short hair, guys and clippers. The short hair bug and the clipper cutting bug bit me hard.  When I worked for and managed chain salons, the focus was on guy haircuts for all the business benefits.  Guys come back faster, chairs turn faster, short haired clients send more referrals and use and buy more take-home hair care product. Now it is YOUR turn. I look forward to working with you, your salon or your school and helping you to achieve your goals in the guy hair game.”

Get Specialized

The beauty industry is getting more specialized every day.  Men’s haircutting is the number one fastest growth sector of the service side of the salon hair market.  You want to get your share of this lucrative segment and so did Ivan. When he opened his own shop, guy hair and clipper cutting was the focus because he saw this specialization coming and because he wanted to do work he liked and didn’t enjoy. In Ivan’s work with the Andis Company, he developed new tools and techniques for clipper cutting and men’s hair and has become the world’s number one authority in clipper cutting and in training clipper cutters to master clipper cutting skills. The proof that he had really mastered clipper cutting and the tips, tricks, and techniques of the tools of the trade came when he earned three Guinness World Hair Cutting records in 1998 and again in 2008.Working on his own has provided the freedom to create new collections, explore new techniques and get further out on the cutting edge of the guy haircut game.

Get Connected

The ClipperGuy channel on Youtube is a favorite of many hair professionals.  Four or Five new videos are posted every week.  The Clipperguy channel on Periscope is fast becoming “must-see TV”.   Clipper cutter live chat happens on Ivan’s Facebook page every Wednesday night at 9 pm CST.  All are welcome.  The gateway to the ClipperGuy universe is found online clipperguy.com.

For 2016 he brings a powerful blend of easily adopted technical cutting education, inspiring business building concepts and no-nonsense tips.  He demystifies the secrets that allow cosmetology professionals to leverage opportunities in the guy hair game. He simplifies precision haircutting so barbers can raise their bar, too.