Jim Yates

President of Nuts and Bolts Training Company

Some 40 years ago, in Scotland, a young man named Jim Yates was working as an electrician when he met a young woman who changed his life. This woman worked in the beauty industry and was already making a lot of money. He did what any smart man would do—he married her and began to immerse himself into the business of beauty.

Jim changed course by attending beauty school and going on to open his own salons. He and his wife eventually took a leap of faith and moved to California where they opened another salon.

Jim, a true entrepreneur who realized that their success came from providing value in service, also began building training systems, a little something he dubbed Nuts and Bolts Training. He began to teach salon professionals about goals – how to have one and how to achieve it, building strategies and having a plan.

Today, Jim Yates is a well-respected author, lecturer, and expert in change management for the beauty industry. He is on the cutting edge of school and salon business development practices, and as such is considered by many owners as a key factor in their business’ success.

As a former salon chain and prestigious school owner, Jim is a committed educator. His company, Nuts and Bolts Training Company, has a growing list of member schools that have introduced the proprietary business training program to thousands of students across the United States.

Many schools and students of Nuts and Bolts say they received real hands-on training with real solution-orientated experiences and NO FLUFF. For Jim it’s all about consistency, and learning to replace bad habits with good ones. He teaches that there are no magic formulas, just good business practices.