What exciting career paths can you have after attending a barbering program?

Whether you want to work hands-on with clients or have a role as a trend-setter, the barber program at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture prepares you for a range of great careers.

Following a barbering curriculum that has 1,500 hours of high-quality training, you’ll have skills that can help you launch a successful career. Instruction includes both theory and hands-on training in hair, skin, beards, mustaches, shaving, barber products, business management and more.

As a licensed barber, you can choose to work in a range of environments including those with cutting-edge style and those with a traditional barbering aesthetic. Learn more about four popular barbering career paths.


A career as a barber means you’ll be working directly with clients to provide a range of barbering services. You’ll be providing cuts, shaves, improved style and more.

In the job market, there is an increasing demand for both barbers and hairstylists. In the next decade, job opportunities are expected to grow eight percent, which is faster than the job market average. This growth is due to expanded interest in grooming. Especially among younger generations, there is an increased interest in sharp haircuts and photo-worthy style.

As a barber, you could get hired to work in a barbershop. There are also barbers hired in salons, spas and even retirement communities. You could also become a self-employed barber, creating your own schedule and roster of clients.

Facial Hair Stylist

As a facial hairstylist, you’ll help trim, shave and style beards and mustaches.

Having great facial hair takes patience and care, and many men consider a full mustache and beard to be a crowning achievement. Not only are facial hair stylists skilled in providing great services, but they also help clients to create the best facial hair for their face shape, hair texture and personality. Not everyone can pull off a handlebar mustache, and not everyone wants to. As a facial hair stylist, you’ll help men feel more confident because of their great facial hair.

This career specialization in facial hair grooming is a strong opportunity. In the four years between 2019 and 2023, the market for beard grooming products is expected to grow by 31 percent.

Barbershop Owner

Owning your own barbershop is a chance to be an entrepreneur. You’ll be embedded in your local community by providing access to grooming and hair care services.

In a smaller shop, barbershop owners may still perform some hair care services. However, as a business owner, there are also responsibilities of staffing, finances, marketing and general business operations.

As the demand for barber services increases, owning your own barbershop is a smart business opportunity. Plus, barbershops are immune to competition from e-commerce competition. After all, a great haircut is not something you can order on Amazon.

Some barbershops have even become focused on immersive client experiences, offering lifestyle amenities like lounges, TVs and drinks.

Men’s Grooming Product Rep

There is an increasing demand for men’s grooming products. In just four years, the market is expected to grow by nearly $15 billion dollars, reaching $81 billion by 2024.

Analysts explain that the men’s grooming industry is changing. “No longer limiting themselves to just musky shaving products and deodorants, more men are unabashedly becoming habitual users of products like face masks, scrubs, eye serums, facial cleansers, moisturizers and even bronzers, which are specially designed for them,” said Entrepreneur magazine.

By working in the men’s grooming product industry, you’ll be applying your knowledge of hair, shaving, skin care and grooming. You could help sell products to retail outlets, wholesalers and barbershops. There are also men’s grooming opportunities in eCommerce which could give you a chance to leverage your own Instagrammable hair or beard.

Learn more about how Barber School at Tricoci University can help you launch a new career path.