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Brow Lamination Training

September 5th, 2023


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In recent years, we’ve seen a number of 90s and early 2000s trends make a comeback, but one we likely won’t see resurrected anytime soon? Thin, overplucked eyebrows.

Thicker, fuller brows are here to stay, and many — even those with naturally sparse brows — are achieving that look through brow lamination. A quick scroll through Instagram or BeautyTok will reinforce this — if creators aren’t talking about the treatment, their feathery, slicked-up eyebrows tell you all you need to know.

Let’s take a look at what brow lamination is, why aspiring cosmetologists and estheticians should want this skill in their arsenals, and what brow lamination training looks like.

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is essentially a texturizing treatment for eyebrow hair. A chemical solution is used to relax the hair so it can be reshaped and directed upwards. The result is a fuller, lifted eyebrow with a more defined, yet still natural-looking, shape. Brow lamination is considered a semi-permanent treatment, with results typically lasting four to six weeks. During that time, eyebrows require minimal aftercare — it’s usually just a nightly application of hydrating oil to keep the area moisturized.

Overall, brow lamination is a quick, painless, and low-maintenance process suitable for nearly all eyebrow types, barring extremely sparse or thin brows. When you factor all that in with the efficacy and lasting results of brow lamination, it’s easy to see why this treatment is so popular, and why it will continue to be for years to come.

Why Should I Take Brow Lamination Courses?

Brow lamination training is a small undertaking with a big payoff. In addition to this treatment being a highly in-demand service, there are several other reasons that make incorporating brow lamination classes into your curriculum a worthwhile investment. Let’s take a look at what those are.

Offer a Wider Range of Esthetics Services

With a brow lamination certification under your belt, you have the ability to offer clients more. You’ll have the knowledge to confidently educate and sell them on this service, and if they’re already trusting you with their hair or skin, getting them to trust you with their eyebrows won’t take much convincing. You’ll also be able to appeal to new clients searching specifically for brow lamination services, growing your client base and eventually even cross-selling your other services.

Increase Repeat Salon Customers

Brow laminations typically last six to eight weeks, meaning you’ll have clients coming back in regularly. With other beauty services like haircuts or facials, this regularity isn’t always guaranteed, as a client may decide to grow their hair out or only book one-time facials.

Brown Lamination is an Easily Marketable Skill

With the popularity of brow laminations on social media, you can easily show off your skills to the world and attract new clients. Nowadays, many prospective clients want to be able to see a repertoire of work before entrusting you with their beauty needs, and social media is a fast and free way to present that.

What To Expect From Brow Lamination Training

At Tricoci, our brow lamination training consists of both coursework and practical application. The coursework is incorporated into our standard cosmetology and esthetics programs, as we like to ensure our students experience the full gamut of what cosmetology or esthetics has to offer. Students who wish to be certified in this skill will then get hands-on opportunities to perform brow lamination on clients.

Tricoci x Sugarlash PRO Academy High-Quality Curriculum

The coursework component of our brow lamination training consists of demonstrations of how to perform the treatment. Students can opt to obtain their certification by completing the The Brow Lamination Course from our academic partner, Sugarlash PRO. Modules within Sugarlash’s Brow Lamination Course include brow theory, growth cycle and structure, safety, best practices, brow lamination steps, and aftercare. This comprehensive course then wraps up with a final exam.

Working With Eyebrow Clients

With the coursework component complete, students who do wish to be certified in brow lamination will put their knowledge to work and gain hands-on experience providing this service to clients. Oftentimes, brow lamination training is acquired independently through an online course. Tricoci students, however, get the unique opportunity to practice with peers, obtain hands-on experience, and even begin building their client lists.

Get Certified in Brow Lamination at Tricoci University

If you’re ready to become certified in one of the most in-demand beauty services available today, Tricoci University is here to help. We’re committed to providing you with a well-rounded cosmetology or esthetics education that sets you up for success in your professional career.

To learn more about brow lamination training, our programs, and more, contact us to schedule a virtual tour at a Tricoci University campus today.

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