When looking into your educational opportunities, one thing you probably want to consider is what type of careers in Rockford your education will be able to open up for you. When an education opens the door to plenty of career opportunities, it’s more likely to be a good investment.

You can say the same thing barbering school. However, many people just believe barber school prepares you to be a barber and nothing more. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Going to a school for barbering in Rockford can open you up to these specializations.

Barber for Specific Hairstyles and Hair Types

Many barbers learn to work on very thin, straight hair. This can be frustrating for anyone who doesn’t have thin, straight hair; barbers may accidentally mistreat their hair because they just don’t know how to handle a different type of hair. If you choose to specialize in a specific style or type, you might become proficient at doing braids, forming dreadlocks, handling thick or extra-curly hair, and undoing the damage misguided barbers might do to these types of hair.

Barbershop Owner and Manager

Once you get some experience working in a barbershop, you may come to realize you really enjoy the day-to-day management requirements for maintaining a barbershop. If this is the case, you might want to move into being an owner or manager of a barbershop. This often requires that you have significant experience so you can better understand your employees, but it can be a useful way to put your barbering skills to good use.

Men’s Stylist

An overarching men’s stylist can be an important figure in today’s image-heavy world. Celebrities and other public figures often consult “personal branding” guides, who may coach them on ways to develop their own personal style. A men’s stylist may have barbering training and other types of training, which can be beneficial in helping a person build their own style. Even if you only have training in barbering, you may want to work with a stylist agency as their in-home barbering expert.

Beard Groomer and Trimmer

Beards are an important part of many people’s personal style. The exact style of a person’s beard can be a significant factor in how they look to other people and how they feel about themselves. That means it’s important that their stylist understand how to work with their beard. When you go through a barbering school, you’ll learn how to handle every aspect of men’s hairstyles, which often includes beard grooming and trimming.

Film and TV Stylist

Do you love the men’s styles you see on film and TV? Someone has to create those styles, from the bedraggled styles in post-apocalyptic movies to the posh styles you see on upper-class characters. That means you could fill that role. If you really love the idea of styling for films and TV, it’s important that you go to a school for barbering first. That way you’ll learn all the tips and tricks you need to maximize your ability to mimic just about any style a director wants.


You want to choose your post-high school education carefully. Many people choose an education that allows them to develop their skills into a career, which often means forgoing any educational choices that don’t have a career path. The good news is that a barbering school is a great way to craft a career-driven education choice.

If you love men’s style and want to do whatever you can to help men achieve their perfect looks, get in touch with a Tricoci University of Beauty Culture team member. You can learn about the barbering program, the cosmetology program, and anything else you need to know to succeed as a barber student in Rockford.