Stacie Hendrickson

Stacie Hendrickson – Chief OperatiONS Officer

Stacie Hendrickson joined Tricoci University of Beauty Culture in 2015 as the Vice President of Compliance. Her role expanded several times, leading her to currently serves as our Chief Operations Officer (COO). Stacie is a natural leader with a reputation of building successful partnerships across the organization, with governance bodies, and beyond.

With nearly 20 years of experience in higher education and a Master’s degree, Stacie is adept at leading positive operational changes in processes, controls and business development while ensuring ongoing compliant operations. She is passionate about providing students and staff with high outcomes, which makes her a great fit at TUBC.

Stacie’s background includes a myriad of leadership positions at several higher education institutions including Director of Education, Campus President, Director of Compliance, Regional VP of Operations, among others. This experience allows her to appreciate how each role should work together to produce desired results.

Stacie earned a Master of Science degree in Management from Colorado Technical University after attaining a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Christopher Newport University. Stacie also served on active duty in the United States Army.