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March 28th, 2014

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March 24th was a very special day at America’s Beauty Show for Tricoci University – being mentored by top Redken Artist such as Kris Sorbie, Lauren Hagen, Adina Doss, Brayden Peltier, Hugo Urias, Ruth Roche, and Luke Huffstutter. The atmosphere was electric as Ruth took the stage; her humor was refreshing as she spoke to students about her experience in the celebrity realm. Being real and honest on the hard work she has put into her trade to boost her career. Her answers were received with open ears as students looking to pursue that direction were at the end of their seats. It was a great to see the students actively asking questions to help them break into the Platform and Celebrity status.

Ruth took the time to speak of how she attached herself to people she admired and wanted to be. She spent lots of time working behind the scenes for FREE! Her payment was the education she was getting working with these people. It has taken years to get where she is it was not an overnight process. Ruth was forthright in her journey and the hard work it took to get there. All the while she was performing the most amazing weave technique on her model. The students were in awe of her amazing work as well as her words of wisdom.

Next up on the America’s Beauty Show stage were the lovely Adina Doss and her partner in crime Brayden Peltier. Brayden the Braider riveted the students with his fishtail techniques paying special attention to the finger work involved. His Partner Adina Doss wowed the students with the latest clipper trends in women’s hair cutting explaining how important it is to individualize to your guest, not to conform to the cut.

Lauren Hagen brought to the stage the latest trend the students are so excited about… spot lights! Having seen it up on the main stage at the ABS the students clamored to get more. Her detail to the techniques she evokes curiosity amongst the students who can’t wait to get back to school to try them out.

Hugo Urias! It’s really Hugo Urias! The best stylists really do make it look so simple. The students jaws dropped and were amazed that one really can hold an updo with just two not 22 hair pins.

Kris Sorbie a legend amongst giants, with her wit and inspiration kept us focused on the important stuff like; ourselves. Making sure we are always learning and growing in our profession. Gifting us with knowledge and where to acquire more, such as the Redken Symposium and introducing it to our students for the betterment of them.

Enrichment and enlightenment continued with the very funny and talented Luke Huffstutter.  Engaging and encouraging the student to give themselves a 10,000 dollar raise a year. Letting us know that we are in control of our paycheck not the man. And backing it up with his own real life experiences. Michael Coles protégé was right on message, reaffirming the lessons they have been learning at all of the Tricoci University campuses.

This day was a fun, education-packed journey that filled the students with inspiration and encouragement to be all they can be and to constantly strive to be better.

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