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Paper Eyelashes – Our Favorite Trend

April 14th, 2021

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If you’re at all familiar with artistic makeup, you’ve probably seen paper eyelashes before. These are a uniquely complex and beautiful type of fake eyelashes. Makeup artists can use them in a hugely effective manner, but if you’re not a makeup artist, you might not know how great these little products can be. Here’s what you should know about paper eyelashes.

What Are Paper Eyelashes?

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First and foremost, what are paper eyelashes, anyway? Quite simply, they are a type of faux eyelashes that utilize gorgeous designs created from paper. These designs may be themed, such as certain paper eyelash designs that utilize lace as a guideline, or they may just include a variety of pleasing shapes and styles.

In actuality, you have probably seen paper eyelashes before. Actress Effie Trinket wore them in the Hollywood blockbuster The Hunger Games and many celebrities have worn them on red carpets, including celebrities like Rihanna and Anne Hathaway. You can actually get a similar look by applying your own paper eyelashes.

How Do I Apply Paper Eyelashes?

Applying paper eyelashes is similar to applying any fake eyelash style. You’ll use eyelash glue and any applicator tools you would use for normal faux eyelashes. It might be helpful to practice with other fake eyelashes if you don’t have experience applying fake eyelashes so you know how the process works.

The main difference between paper eyelashes and other fake eyelashes is that typically, paper eyelashes come in a string that’s longer than the lash line itself. Instead of applying the entire eyelash, you will cut a specific amount of the design from the paper eyelash, then apply it. Apply more of the design for a bolder look and less of the design for a subtler look.

What Are the Best Paper Eyelash Styles?

As you start looking for paper eyelashes, you’ll quickly learn that there is a huge variety of paper eyelash styles out there. That means you might be looking for some guidance on understanding the “best” paper eyelash styles. However, the truth of the matter is that there are no eyelash styles that are inherently better than others.

The reason so many eyelash styles exist is because each person has their own unique style.. You might love a jewelry-inspired design, while someone you know might prefer a style inspired by flowers. Instead of looking for the “best” paper eyelash styles, look for styles that will work well with the type of makeup you prefer to do.

Are Paper Eyelashes Good for Professional Makeup Artists?

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Professional makeup artists can be some of the most effective users of paper eyelashes. This style of eyelashes can be incredibly beautiful for anyone who has a hand in creating professional makeup. It’s especially amazing for people who already have a great backlog of makeup information, especially those who have already attended a makeup course.

Many professional makeup artists already use paper eyelashes, and if you’re one of these makeup artists, consider looking into paper eyelashes to add to your options. It can make for an amazing Instagram picture or movie close-up, making it great for makeup artists working in a variety of specialties.


Clearly, paper eyelashes are a gorgeous addition to a makeup look. If paper eyelashes interest you, you might want to consider turning your interest into a career. The Tricoci University of Beauty Culture esthetics course can set you up for a makeup artistry career overall. Request more information if you’re interested in becoming a makeup artist through Tricoci University.

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