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February 15th, 2012

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By Emily Romack, Tricoci University in Glendale Heights

Recently, we were given the opportunity to learn about the new color line “Chromatics” by Redken. A revolutionary new technology, which Redken introduced with the color line, is the ODS (Oil Delivery System) squared structure and the protein extract. ODS squared has two times fortified technology, fortifying the cuticle for two times less breakage. With this new technology, the oils, dyes and protein extracts surround the cuticle. Next, the ODS squared propels dyes and protein extracts into the cortex. Lastly, the hair strand is two times fortified and infused with multi-dimensional color.

The various dimensions of color offer a 4D color result — ultimate gray coverage, multi-dimensional reflect, radiant shine and lasting vibrancy. As a stylist, it is important that the products I use offer no ammonia and a no-odor formula, such as this option from Redken.

Redken Chromatics offers a luxury business opportunity as well, allowing salons to charge 10 to 20 percent more per service, as it is the top color line introduced by Redken with a tube of color costing $7.25. Furthermore, you will set yourself apart as a salon that offers a premium hair color service.

Redken’s new line also has stress-free mixing and processing, with a 35-minute processing time regardless of the shade you are working with. The two-part system mixes easily in a one-to-one ratio, with color and developer. Redken has also come out with a new developer in addition to this line that consists of oil in cream. With a rich, creamy consistency, you can mix and apply the color with a bowl and brush or a bottle applicator. Also, it is clean and easy to rinse.

Redken Chromatics features 48 unbelievable shades for indefinite hair color opportunities, containing natural and natural-warm families for optimal preservation of reflect when mixing, R5 dye for powerful true-red results, rubilane technology for vibrant coppers, and clear for the ultimate in versatility.

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