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Tricoci’s Explorers Program

January 31st, 2012

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By Ms. Cricket, Educator at Tricoci University in Peoria

In a nationwide survey of 1,000 people, 83% agreed that high schools should focus on career preparation, 91% thought schools should place a greater emphasis on teaching knowledge and skills relevant to the job market. Both statistics show that Vocational or technical education programs for high school students can provide them with the opportunity not only to learn a trade but also be immersed in their desired field. These programs can also help a person decide if this is the right career choice and avoid investing in an education that won’t be used. The Explorer Program at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is a great example of just that.

The Explorers Program at TUBC provides individuals from the ages of 14-20 the experience of the beauty industry such as Cosmetology and Esthetics. Throughout this program, they will be learning the theory behind hair, skin and nails as well as working hands-on.

In January, or JanuHAIRY for example, the explorers learned about the formation of the hair by creating a strand of hair out of Twizzlers (the medulla), frosting(the cortex) and Shredded Wheat(the cuticle). They also created a 3-D representation of the elasticity of the hair out of plastic cups and rubber bands. Ms. Cricket, a Cosmetology Instructor at Tricoci University and the Exploring Advisor for the program is so excited to be a part of this impressionable time in these students’ lives. “I find it extremely important for my explorers to understand the hair completely, inside and out, before they start to work with it,” says Ms. Cricket.

The TUBC Explorers meet once at the end of each month there at the Tricoci University campus on Glen Avenue in Peoria. Ms. Tori, the Enrollment Advisor for Tricoci University, Alumni of the Esthetics program, and Assistant Advisor for the exploring program is ecstatic for February. “It’s called ‘Let’s Face It, It’s February’ and the explorers will be learning basic makeup applications, eyelash application, and how to custom blend and create their own lip gloss and eye shadow.”

By the summer, these explorers will have also worked hands on with manicures and hairstyling. It is evident that Tricoci is passionate about the future of this industry. Our nation’s adolescents and young adults must be better prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s more technical jobs.

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