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The End of Beauty School

February 17th, 2012

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By Tabatha, Tricoci University in Peoria

Well, the end of beauty school is finally near, and I should be done in about a month!

Yay! My classmates and I have what we call “senioritis.” We have the American Beauty Show coming up and then a field trip to all the supply houses in early March. But first, we have all our practical tests to conquer, which I’m sure we’ll all ace, as we are prepared. Thank goodness for Ms. Kelly! I will, and I think my classmates too, miss seeing her every day – we always have such a good time at school (there is a lot of laughter and Googling). Ms. Kelly always goes the extra mile to help us understand our material. She demonstrated a four-layer facial Monday, and it was nice to see and learn about this variation on a facial. We spend so much time trying to master our protocols; I think we forget that wherever we end up working we’ll have other individuals to teach us and there are still additional techniques to learn. I am very jazzed for that.

My time at Tricoci University has been good, but I am so tired – working all day then learning and practicing all night has been exhausting! I did my resume recently, and writing everything I have learned makes it all seem so surreal. It goes so fast, but then to stop and really think about all I have learned is such a buzz. There are so many advanced treatments, and I thought listing them all would make my resume look sloppy! I am so excited to start doing what I love. I have decided to go snooping around and get some treatments done at spas to see how other facilities do them and to scope out their environments. Now that I’m at the end of beauty school, I will be sending out resumes shortly and don’t want to waste anyone’s time if they aren’t up to my Tricoci University standards. It is so rewarding to be in an industry where everything is always being improved upon. I love the notion of CE! I think it will be hard for me to decide which 10 hours I want to partake in, so I will probably soak up as much as I can!

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