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June 17th, 2013

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Guest post by Juliana Rodriguez, TUBC student at our Bridgeview Campus.

On April 26th at 7pm, a rather large audience was graced with the talent of our very own Bridgeview campus. The students started preparing their models at 4pm, which gave them a solid two hours of preparation and finishing touches. Teachers as well as staff walked around and were amazed at the sight ahead.

The 11 participants were able to present their version of various Disney characters. The audience began taking their seats aside the beautifully decorated “runway” and waited for the models to come out. It was now time for the somewhat nervous models, filled with excitement, to walk out one by one. Much applause was heard as the greeter and announcer presented who was next.

The participants included Mulan, Scar, Belle, The Nightmare Before Christmas, a balloon girl from UP, the Corpse Bride, Ariel & Ursula, and the Maddhatter & Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. The music resembled the films mixed with a fast pace song to excite the audience. The winners were presented at the end of the show. The staff of Tricoci University voted… and Alice in Wonderland came in first place, the Balloon girl from UP came in 2nd and our Corpse Bride came in 3rd.

As one of the models for Alice in Wonderland, as well as a soon to be graduating student, I have had the opportunity to see a large amount of talent and drive the students at the Bridgeview campus hold. The students put much thought into and execute their ideas in an outstanding way. I appreciate the overwhelming amount of joy everyone has at the campus. We work together to achieve something better than ourselves. The Bridgeview Campus will continue to reach higher grounds creating the unthinkable. Our passion and hard work is displayed every day. We all can succeed thanks to our staff’s assistance!

Imagery from aliexpress.com.

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