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Makeup Tips and Tricks for Video Chatting

December 12th, 2020

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Video chatting is extremely important in today’s modern age. No matter who you are or what you’re doing in your video chat, chances are you’re having to video chat more and more recently. However, if you’ve ever snagged a look at yourself in the video chat, chances are you know the way you look in real life doesn’t always reflect how you look on camera. Here’s how you can make your look even better for your video chat.

Get Natural Light If Possible

Natural light is always going to hit your face in all the right ways, and it’s one of the best ways to make sure you look amazing when you’re on a video chat. If you can’t get natural light, try your best to use a warm-glow light. Plus, if you make sure the light bounces off another surface like a nearby wall, you can get a great look without appearing too washed out.

Use a Color-Correcting Cream

Before you apply your foundation, a color-correcting cream can make your face look more evenly toned. This is especially true if you’re dealing with redness because redness tends to show up very well on camera. A color-correcting cream will tone down that redness, making you look irresistible after you’ve added your foundation.

Pay Close Attention to Tired Eyes

Tired eyes can look almost sunken in the viewfinder, which means that paying close attention to your eyes is absolutely a must. Add a bit of highlighter to the corner of your eyes to make them pop a little more. If you have bags under your eyes, consider using a reddish tone to cover up that dark tone underneath the eyes.

Curl Your Lashes

Whether or not you plan to use mascara, curling your lashes can make them look that much bolder and brighter. Plus, it draws attention to your eyes, which is great if you’ve been able to cover up the tiredness. Curling your lashes before you add mascara can make the mascara create an even bigger and bolder impression on the other person.

Add Blush to Your Cheeks

It’s common for people to look pretty washed out and pale on a video conference call. One of the best ways to combat the pale, washed-out look is to add just a bit of color to your cheeks. Add a small amount more than you usually would for an in-person date or meeting; the extra blush will help boost your look for the video.

Include Color for Your Lips

Lips are another thing that tend to look washed out in the video. If you have naturally pale lips or you just don’t tend to do a lot with your lips every day, it might be worth it to add just a bit of color. Even just a pinkish lip gloss can be extremely beneficial for your look, as you’re less likely to look eerily corpselike in the viewfinder.

Focus on Your Hairstyle

Hairstyles come across incredibly no matter where you are. Opt for a hairstyle that looks great from the front, as you’re probably not going to be doing too much looking around or turning around. If the video chat is for work, utilize a very simple style; if you’re on a date or a similar chat, consider a slightly more elegant look.

Take a Look

Possibly the most important step of this entire process is to take a look at yourself in the camera you’re using before you dial in. Whether it’s your phone, your laptop or a desktop camera, take a look at yourself and do any last-minute changes before you start things off. From there, you’ll be able to just enjoy yourself.


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