A Message from Ross Bravo, CEO

October 18th, 2016

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Statement from Ross Bravo, CEO of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, Regarding TUBC’s Commitment to Students, Staff and High Standards of Conduct

We, at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, are proud of our long track record of success, strength and stability. Our associates provide exceptional instruction and program delivery at all 14 Tricoci University campuses in Illinois and Indiana, along with great customer service to our students. In light of the recent closures of other beauty educational institutions across the country, we want to ensure the public that will continue to maintain the fidelity and integrity of our internal processes for our institution.

Mario Tricoci was committed to offering a fresh and innovative cosmetology and beauty school curriculum when he founded Tricoci University in 2004. He was passionate about developing students who would become leaders in the beauty industry. Year after year, that vision is realized and Tricoci University graduates have gone on to become salon owners, beauty consultants, educators and more. Our impact on the industry is felt in our local communities, across the nation and beyond.

We are committed to continuing our tradition of providing quality education programming for our students, to the retention and recruitment of high-performing associates, and to integrity in the management of our campuses. We look forward to many more years of graduating new leaders in the beauty industry.

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