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The Tricoci University of Beauty Culture “NO MORE” Video Contest

June 12th, 2021

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At every turn, Tricoci University always wants to support its community. This comes in its dedication to improving the lives of every student who enters the campus. In 2015, Tricoci University also decided to participate in The NO MORE Project to continue their move forward. Here’s how The NO MORE Project influenced Tricoci University.

The Beginning of the “NO MORE” Video Contest

What created the “NO MORE” video contest at Tricoci University? In early 2015, Mario Tricoci, Tricoci University’s founder, and Ross Bravo, the former CEO, attended the “Chicago Says NO MORE” event. This event moved them, making them realize just how much of a problem domestic violence and sexual assault still are in Chicago and beyond.

Tricoci University has a largely female student base, which is just one of the reasons Mario Tricoci and Ross Bravo realized they should step up more. Both men and women are impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault, but women tend to be at higher risk. This led to Tricoci University making the decision to stand behind The NO MORE Project.

The Idea Behind The NO MORE Project

What is The NO MORE Project? The idea behind this project is that together, people can help eliminate instances of domestic violence and sexual assault. Essentially, the project puts forth the idea that until everyone is safe, no one is safe. That’s why it’s so important to step in and make sure domestic violence is stopped.

Whether from domestic violence survivors telling their stories, allies standing up and asserting that they will help people who report violence, or community leaders guiding people to resources, The NO MORE Project helps bring people together. That’s why Tricoci University decided to boost The NO MORE Project in its own way.

Tricoci University’s PSA Videos

The first Tricoci University NO MORE PSA video was a group effort with a variety of Tricoci University students and staff members coming together to express support for the NO MORE cause. However, the college realized that it wasn’t enough to create a single video—there needed to be more voices talking about more problems.

That’s why Tricoci University put out a call for all existing campuses at the time to create their own NO MORE videos. This call was to have every campus show what saying “no more” means to them. This way, every campus was able to talk about their own experience with the beliefs and desires behind The NO MORE Project. You can find these videos below.


“NO MORE” is more than just the name of a charity; it’s a way of life. When you live according to the ideas behind The NO MORE Project, you are working towards a society that is free of domestic violence and sexual assault. Tricoci University has made the decision to stand alongside the people who unfortunately experience these tragic and unimaginable situations. If you’re interested in joining a beauty school that’s made a public commitment to these values, schedule a tour at Tricoci University today.

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