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Standout Spring Trends

March 20th, 2013

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Guest blog post by Sara Kolbus, TUBC student at our Rockford Campus.

Relaxed, natural, and confident seem to be the most anticipated spring trends of 2013. Looking at New York’s Spring Fashion Week, everything from the hair and makeup down to the fingernails are going for the “organic” look.


When I was looking at the hairstyles on the runway, they were all about embracing the natural texture of the hair. Models from DKNY rocked the messy beach waves with a low side part. Proenza Schouler went as far as to intentionally put creases in the hair, to give it a “slept on messy” effect. It seems that anywhere I looked on the runway I found low side parts, and grungy, messy hairstyles.


As far as upcoming makeup trends, it seems like it’s all about looking like you don’t have any on, which is fine by me! Pale, soft pink tones were all the rage for lips, as well as blushes. Many models were rocking the smokey eye, all in browns and pinks, rimmed with a soft brown eyeliner. Narciso offered this interesting beauty tip; an instant trick to make your eyes glisten is to rim your eyes with a glossy lip treatment. He says to top that off with a little bit of mascara to make the eyes pop, and you’re good to go! Another style I saw a lot of on the runway was big, thick, beautiful eyebrows. When doing an organic feel to your makeup, it’s definitely important to have a very clear and defined brow to show off some definition in the face. However, if you decide that “natural” just isn’t your thing, you can switch it up with pale blues. It seems that blue is going to be this Spring’s big color. Blue eyeliner, teal eyeshadow, blue outfits, blue everything! Just don’t go too bold with the blue, you’re looking for more of watery blues, like you would find surrounding your favorite beach resorts.


Keeping with the all natural theme of hair and make up, nails are very much the same. Some of the biggest expected nail colors are whites, off-whites, and taupe. They were seen across the line during Fashion Week, from Phillip Lim to Karen Walker. It seems that this spring will be very inspiring. These fads are all about just being ourselves, and embracing the raw, natural beauty that can be found in everyone.

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