Summer Picnic Hairstyles

7 Hairstyles for Summer Picnic

July 27th, 2021

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These last two years have ushered in a ton of creative haircuts and hairstyle trends. Our staff favorites can guide you through the best choices of fun summer updos and down-dos. We guarantee there will be an inspiration for every person, style, and the most flattering way to frame your face.

7 hairstyles for summer picnic

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The Textured Ponytail

There’s an art to a disheveled ponytail that still looks charming. In this look, a Tricoci University student has her hair loosely pulled back in an effortless wavy and textured high ponytail. With her hair pulled back, the focus is on the theatrical eye makeup and sunflower paint festooning her face. This Tricoci University student is using her wavy high ponytail to show off her balayage color.

Textured ponytails are an easy and stylish fix for muggy summer days. If you don’t want to invest the time in fully styled hair, a textured ponytail can be created to show off your neck and face properly, but you’ll need the right tools for the job.

Tools you might need:

  • Hair pick for styling, teasing and volume
  • Curling Iron for waves and bounce
  • Bobby pins for wrapping hair around a ponytail or holding up loose ends
  • Dry shampoo for diminishing the appearance of oily hair
  • Hairspray for extra hold
  • Hair mist for a healthy-looking shine

The Topknot

Although the topknot was popularized around the time that the term athleisure began to emerge, it’s hard to pinpoint the origin. It’s a versatile hairstyle, meaning it’s acceptable for any occasion, casual to formal. Celebrities have been seen wearing the topknot at formal gatherings, like the Met Gala.

The topknot, also known as the high bun, is usually worn high on the crown of the head.

Ways to wear the topknot:

  • The face-framing topknot with bangs and loose waves
  • The crown-of-curls topknot with loose and elegant curls
  • The tight topknot with intentional fly-aways
  • The messy and sporty-chic topknot

The Low Loop

The opposite of the topknot is the low loop, a less conspicuous bun aptly called the low loop because it’s worn low, hovering over the neck in a loop. This style can take a more literal form of its name as pictured here, or it can be worn more casually untidy, yet still with charm, like Kate Winslet’s character in the popular TV show Mare of Eastown.

How to achieve the low loop:

  • For volume, tease sections of the hair.
  • Add a low ponytail and gently tug the hair where you need more volume.
  • Create a loop with the ponytail and secure it with a rubber band or elastic.
  • Bobby pin the remaining fly-aways around the elastic or rubber band.

Box Braids

Box braids are a summer-friendly style that is relatively easy to achieve if your hair isn’t too short.

Follow these steps to get the look:

  • Comb and part your hair in sections starting from front to back.
  • For a tight braid, use a rubber band to secure the hair in each section.
  • If using extensions, condition your hair to match the extensions for a smooth look.
  • Create uniform thick braids in each section.
  • Secure the ends with rubber bands.

Half-Up Hair

Half-up, half-down hairstyles are ideal if you’re looking for a full mane but want to let some of their summer tresses down. This Tricoci University student pins her hair half up with decorated bobby pins.

Wear the half-up do:

  • Wavy
  • Straight
  • Braided
  • With a topknot half up

Loose Waves

Nothing says quintessential summer hairstyles like loose, beachy waves. This Tricoci student is donning rainbow-striped hair set to perfection with polished-looking waves. Highlighted hair with minimal waves is achieved with a no-heat curling method or with a curling iron.

Trendy, loose wave styles include:

  • Bedhead
  • Windswept
  • Spiraled

The Braided Ponytail

The braided ponytail is sporty, cute, and a great low-maintenance go-to when you’re on the go. The easiest way to pull off the braided ponytail is to start with a ponytail and create a braid.

Various ways to style the braided ponytail:

  • High/low
  • Loose/tight
  • Full braid/lace braid

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