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The End of Excuses

April 2nd, 2014

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Guest post by Marie Suchy, a TUBC student at our Highland campus.

We all go through periods of our lives when it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how hard you think you’re trying, it just never seems to be enough. You’ll place blame on stress, problems at home, the people in your life, etc. Let me make this easy for you. It’s You. If you want to do something, you’ll make it happen. If you want to go somewhere, you’ll make travel plans. It all lies within yourself.

The moment you stop making excuses is the moment you become an adult. Taking responsibility for your actions, reactions, and attitude says a lot about the maturity level you want to be on. With that, comes with attracting the right kind of people. In turn, surrounding yourself with people who will push you to your success limit is exactly what you need to excel.

Nearing the end of my journey with Tricoci University, I am severely overwhelmed with the amount of support that is voluntarily handed out to the students. I was told recently (whilst being an emotional wreck about graduating) that you get what you give. Now of course I’ve heard the term before, but never really associated myself with it more so than I do now. I must have gone right somewhere.

I am walking out of this school with full confidence that wherever I end up is exactly where I belong. You are your problem, your solution, and your destiny. No matter where you are, you’re the only one who will be with you, always. Accept change that comes with life. Gum used to be five cents, and now it’s almost two dollars. We adjusted to that. We can adjust to anything else! No more excuses.

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