Model from Taliah Waajid Beauty Show

The Taliah Waajid Beauty Show

December 4th, 2012

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This is a guest blog post by TUBC student, Stevania Stephens, CNE campus.

Hello, my name is Stevania Stephens and I am a Hair Show Addict. They say the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem, but honestly I never want to recover. Even if I don’t have the funds and I want to attend a Show…trust me I will find a way. The Last Hair Show I attended was the Taliah Waajid Beauty Show which took place on the weekend of October 6th -7th in Atlanta Georgia. She had a show earlier this year which I attended and I was determined to go back.

This time around, instead of exploring the exhibit floor, I focused more on taking classes and networking. I graduate in March and trust me student prices are way better than professional prices so I can’t emphasize enough the importance of attending shows now while it’s cheaper. I attended Kenya Fauntleroy’s Ceramic Press Class and I learned the proper technique to use for naturals (elliptical hair) who prefer a straight silky look. Ceramic pressing can be a healthy option if done correctly. The key is how you prep the hair, for example, your product selection and deep steam treatments.

I also took a class with Dr. Roni Decoteau Shyam’s and learned how to do Silky Flat Twist/Corkscrew. What I like about this class was it was very hands on. I was able to go up to the mannequin and create a silky flat twist. I was so excited because when I finished it came out nice and neat and everyone who tried to do a flat twist received a great deal of encouragement from the other students in the class it was a great experience.

After Dr. Roni’s class, I took a two PK classes and learned about a product called wrap a loc and Design Essentials product line. Both were very informative and I received some free samples (yeaaah!). After the Design Essentials demonstration, I networked with the presenter Deshonica Kerrie to find out how to get involved with Design Essentials. After conversing with her she gave me her business card to contact her and she would give me more info and connect me to someone in Chicago. After a day filled with classes I ended the evening by attending the COLOR ME BAD Fashion Show. The Show was hosted by Beyoncé’s Lead dancer/ choreographer Kimmie Gee. Plus the featured designer was Rafael Cox from season 9 lifetime’s series Project Runway. It truly was a sight to see because not only was the clothing on point the hair and makeup was out of this world. See you next year, Taliah Waajid Beauty Show!

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