If you want to join the colorful world of the beauty industry, you might have been thinking about attending a beauty school. Getting a license in cosmetology can help you start your new career, opening new paths and doors for you. If you want to go into cosmetology, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture can help you do just that.

Tricoci University teaches the most up-to-date techniques with a hands-on, scientific, comprehensive curriculum. For budding cosmetologists, Tricoci University of Beauty culture is a great choice for a beauty school in Janesville. Read on to find out how Tricoci can help you launch a career in cosmetology.


Cosmetology opens many doors for its students. As a skill, cosmetology can be applied to many different areas in the beauty industry. This provides you the flexibility to change career paths, giving you job security for years to come.

Tricoci University’s cosmetology program will arm you with the knowledge required for many fields in beauty. Here are some of the career paths that you can take after graduating.

  • Wedding Stylist
  • Make-up Artist
  • Platform Artist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Colorist
  • Nail Technician
  • Salon Manager
  • Salon Owner


Tricoci makes an education in beauty accessible to anyone with a flexible class schedule. With Tricoci’s curriculum choices, you don’t have to give up on other areas of your life. Instead of working for your schedule, have your schedule work for you.

Flexible scheduling allows you to put your own needs at the forefront, making your education more meaningful and effective. What’s more, a flexible schedule prepares you for the real world. After all, almost all beauty professionals do not follow rigid, predictable schedules. Cosmetologists around the globe can change their schedules to suit their client’s needs, as well as their own. With flexible scheduling, Tricoci trains you for the real world, making you a more effective beauty professional.

Tricoci’s cosmetology program is finished in 1,550 hours. It can be taken full time in 13 months, while a part-time program takes 22 months to complete.


An education in beauty doesn’t have to be limited to the few. To make an education in cosmetology more accessible, Tricoci University offers many different types of financial aid to help students pay for their schooling.

Tricoci is accredited by NACCAS, which means that students can be provided with aid by the U.S. Department of Education. Tricoci students can also qualify from many different beauty school scholarships available for those pursuing a career in cosmetology. These scholarships come from many different benefactors, ranging from local individuals to global organizations. Tricoci can help you find financial aid that is right for you.

Tricoci also offers an interest-free monthly payment plan for its students. This payment plan is available for students who did not qualify for financial aid, as well as those who are receiving aid. This means that you can pay for your tuition in installments, without any added cost.

Cosmetologist school should be an option for anyone, not just those who can afford to pay for the program up front. Tricoci University’s Janesville location offers many options for students of all financial needs.

Tricoci can help you find the right financial aid for you. To learn more, contact a Tricoci University team member today.


    • Is Cosmetology School a Good Career Choice?

Cosmetology is perhaps one of the most stable careers in the job market. Cosmetology requires technical knowledge, skill and experience. While it is often not thought of as such, cosmetology is also a necessity. As a cosmetologist, you can easily find an opening in the job market.

    • How Expensive is Tricoci University?

Looking for a “cosmetology school near me” can be daunting, especially when considering the cost. How much you spend can vary on your location, the school itself, your living expenses, and other factors. For a rough estimate, you can use the Janesville cosmetology price calculator to find out how much you will need.

    • Do I Have to Wait Until the Fall to Start at Tricoci University?

Traditional colleges use a spring/fall schedule for their curriculums. Tricoci offers a more flexible schedule, with a new program starting every six weeks. In this way, you can easily contact our university team members and get started in no more than a few weeks.


Become a part of Janesville’s renowned beauty industry. With Tricoci University, you can get all the education you need with a top-notch curriculum and real-world experience.

Tricoci University’s Janesville location is just the place to start your new career. To learn more, talk to a university team member about the admissions process and start your new career today.