If you’re looking into cosmetology trade schools as a college option, it’s important to know how you’re going to pay for it. Many people don’t have the money to pay for school outright, including cosmetology trade schools, which means you might need to utilize financial aid. How could financial aid help you pay for your education?

What Is Financial Aid?

Before you learn more about financial aid, it may be helpful to know exactly what it is. Financial aid is any financial assistance you receive to help you pay for something — in this case, it’s helping you pay for a cosmetology trade school.

Financial aid may be reserved for only low-income students, available on a merit-based strategy, given out through luck, or available to anyone who applies. It depends on the type of financial aid you’re applying for.

Typical Financial Aid Opportunities

There are a few financial aid opportunities available in most cosmetology trade schools.

  • Federal Grants and Programs

Federal grants offer you the ability to receive money that can pay for all or some of your tuition. These grants typically apply to students of lower incomes but may be available on a sliding scale, so students of more middle incomes can receive some financial aid as well.

  • Scholarships

A scholarship is typically a merit-based financial grant, although it may also be need-based or random. You apply to receive a scholarship for your schooling, and after a certain amount of time, the group distributing the scholarship will decide on a few individuals to distribute it to.

  • Federal or Private Loans

You can also choose to take out a loan to pay for school. This is a good option if you don’t have the money you need to pay for school out of pocket, but you don’t have scholarships or grants that you can use to pay for tuition.

  • Payment Plans

Some colleges, including Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, offer payment plans. These plans may allow you to pay for your tuition in monthly installments, which can be much easier for many people to manage. Payment plans may even be zero interest.

Bridging the Gap Between Grants and Self-Pay

If you’re able to get grants or scholarships for school, it’s unlikely that your grants will cover the entirety of your education. Even if they do, you’ll probably have living costs to manage at the same time. A net price calculator can help you estimate how much you’ll be on the hook for when it comes to your tuition and living expenses, minus grants and financial aid.


  • Should I Spend Money On Cosmetology Trade Schools?

It can be difficult to justify to yourself whether you should spend your own money on college. Cosmetology trade schools are a great option if you’re planning to spend some of your own money because they pay back dividends. This is a great career option, so it’s a good budget move.

  • Is Federal Financial Aid Only Available to Extremely Low-Income Students?

Many people think of financial aid as something that’s only available for students who have no other financial options. In fact, financial aid can be extremely useful for students of all income levels. You may qualify for a reduced amount of financial aid, or qualify for a type of financial aid that’s not means-tested.

  • How Do I Apply for Financial Aid?

Most schools have financial aid specialists who can help you discover what type of financial aid you’re eligible for and help you apply. Typically, you’ll need information like the name of the program you’re attending, whether you’re working and how much you earn at your work, and whether you receive financial assistance.

  • Should I Apply for Financial Aid?

Pretty much everyone should apply for financial aid. Even if you have the ability to pay for cosmetology trade school out of pocket, financial aid can help you save money for other things. Talk to a financial aid specialist at your school to learn more about how you can apply for financial aid opportunities.

Start On a Better Career Path Today

Cosmetology trade schools help you get more out of your life by offering you access to different career paths than the one you’re on right now. With financial aid, cosmetology school in Danville, IL is easier to access than ever before. Get in contact with a Tricoci University team member to learn more about your options.