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The Cosmetology School Factors You Should Consider Before Price

March 14th, 2020


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You’re probably thinking at least a little bit about price when you’re considering college. It can be expensive to go to college, even when that college is a trade college, and it’s certainly financially responsible to consider the price of attendance. However, you shouldn’t just ask: “How much is beauty school?” Although you should consider the price of cosmetology school, there are other factors that are much more important. Make sure you’re thinking about these factors when evaluating cosmetology school options.


How accessible are the administrators of the school that interests you? Can you get in touch with campus management and teachers, or is it a process to even get on the phone with someone? When you’re considering different cosmetology schools, the availability of teachers and the administration should be an important factor.

Comprehensive Education

What’s the point in going to a cheap cosmetology school if you don’t learn the things you need to know? Some schools may be much less expensive, but don’t teach the full range of cosmetology processes. There are some pieces of cosmetology knowledge that might not be 100% necessary for you to pass your licensing test, but you should still know if you want to be a more well-rounded cosmetologist.


A cosmetology school can certainly be high-quality even without accreditation, and this doesn’t necessarily have to be a make-or-break point. However, accreditation shows that a reputable third party has given a college its stamp of approval. Finding a cosmetology school that NACCAS has accredited, like Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, goes a long way in making sure you get a quality education.

Different Styles of Learning

People have many different styles of learning. You may learn best through hands-on training, lectures, presentations, demonstrations or examinations. For maximum impact, you want to make sure your chosen school offers options for many different styles of learning, not just one. After all, if you learn best through presentations but your school only uses textbooks, you’re going to have a tough time learning what you need to know. Determine how the school teaches, so you know if that works for you.


After you graduate, you’re going to put the college you attended on every resume you send out to potential employers, possibly for the rest of your life. You want to be proud of the college you add to your resume. If the college you attend has a positive reputation, potential employers will look at it more fondly than they might if you visit a college with a neutral or negative reputation. Do a little searching: has the school won any awards? Who founded it? These factors will give you more insight into the college’s reputation.

A Love for Cosmetology

Finally, it should be obvious that the people running the school look at it as a way to teach the next generation of cosmetologists. If they have a love for cosmetology, it’ll shine through. You want to attend a school that’s driven by a love of the art, not a desire for money or fame. Take a look at the college’s social media presences, blog and anywhere else it publishes information about itself. Does that love of cosmetology shine through?


Your choice of cosmetology school will obviously depend on a vast array of factors, including- but not limited to- your location, specializations, career opportunities, and yes, price. However, you shouldn’t put price above everything else. You want a quality cosmetology education, not a discount one. If you’re looking for the best possible education, get in contact with Tricoci University to discuss your options. You can build a path to cosmetology school that works for you personally.


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