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What Do You Really Learn in Cosmetology School?

February 20th, 2020


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If you’re interested in learning more about the beauty industry, a cosmetology school may provide the perfect solution. However, it’s daunting to look into any sort of continuing education. Is it worth it? What do you learn in cosmetology school? Should you invest in a cosmetology school program? If you’re dealing with any of these questions, you might need to know more about what you actually learn when you’re in one of these cosmetology school programs. Here are the most important pieces of information you’ll gain.

Professional Tips and Tricks

Obviously, cosmetology school will teach you the most important facets of cosmetology. The basic building blocks may be available elsewhere; you can probably have one of your friends teach you how to trim split ends. However, how do you learn to do a blowout? How do you learn which hair color will look best for someone? That’s what a cosmetology school program will do for you.

At the end of the day, this is definitely what makes most people go to cosmetology school. However, it shouldn’t be your only goal. It’s certainly not going to be the only thing you learn in your cosmetology school program.

Dedication to a Trade

Cosmetology is a trade, and like any other trade, it relies on you providing a service to people that don’t have the skills to do themselves. This makes learning any trade invaluable, because people need the skills you provide.
When you learn a trade, you’re learning something you can use for the rest of your life. If you spend 20-30 years as a cosmetologist, you may even be able to become a cosmetology teacher. People have had a vested interest in beauty for thousands of years, and there’s no reason that interest would wane anytime soon.

Better Ways to Learn

Going through any type of learning course will give you a better idea of how exactly you learn. Many people go through high school just learning the bare minimum, or only learning it in the ways the school provides. When you get out on your own, you’re able to discover more about what fascinates you and how you best learn.

Beauty schools are great for that. For example, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture’s cosmetology program offers education in a variety of ways. You’ll learn through videos, demonstrations, guest artists, visual presentations, practical presentations, lectures and (of course) hands-on experience. All of these learning methods are essential to make sure anyone can learn the most important skills in the industry.

A Love for Your Job

When you get a traditional degree, you’re likely planning to use that degree for something different from the courses you took to receive that degree. The college education typically doesn’t resemble what you’ll actually do every day. With a trade school like a cosmetology school, however, your workday is going to look very similar to your school education.

This is great because it means you’ll learn to love your job before you even start it. You might even think of cosmetology school as the internship many people go through after graduating college. A cosmetology school program is a path to learning more about your actual job, and that’s an important skill to show your future employers.


Sure, you might have some pretty thorough cosmetology knowledge even without a cosmetology school program, but that’s not all cosmetology school will teach you. If you’re really serious about entering the beauty industry, you should absolutely invest in a cosmetology school program. Get more information from Tricoci University today so you can decide whether cosmetology will be the perfect future career for you.

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