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What’s the Real Difference Between Beauty School and Hair School?

February 24th, 2020

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There are so many different types of beauty schools, and their different names might be confusing. What is the difference between beauty school, hair school, and cosmetology school? Should you pay attention to these differences, or is it okay to ignore them? When you have more information about these distinctions, it’s easier to determine what school to choose for your future. This is everything you need to know.

Legal Distinctions

Legally, there aren’t many differences between something billed as a “beauty school,” a “hair school” or a “cosmetology school.” The government doesn’t have specific requirements for a school to use these terms, so any school of any focus can use them. Typically, that means a school will use whatever it feels applies best.

There also isn’t any general distinction in the beauty world. You’ll often find that a school using an overarching name like “beauty school” will have a wider variety of specializations, whereas a school that uses a specific name like “hair school” will specialize in one certain type of teaching. Because there isn’t an agreed-upon distinction, it’s always more important to look at the differences for each individual school.

A Difference in Teaching Focus

If a school describes itself as a “hair school,” you can reasonably assume that it’ll focus more on hairstyling cosmetology services than other parts of cosmetology. Even if the school boasts an overarching cosmetology program, a self-described “hair school” will probably hone in more on hair than the other parts of cosmetology.

Every group creates a name that it feels most accurately describes it. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture created its name from the name of its founder, Mario Tricoci, and its focus, which is to introduce a new generation of beauty enthusiasts to the trade. Tricoci University offers classes for all sorts of important beauty-based trades, which is why its name encompasses all of them. That showcases its most important intentions, and all cosmetology schools you look through will likely be doing the same thing.

Making the Right Choice

There isn’t a single “right choice” when it comes to the perfect cosmetology school. Different schools will work better for different people. After all, that’s why there are so many schools out there. However, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right school for you, which means finding out a lot of important information about the school you’re most interested in. Pay attention to some important things when you’re determining the best school.

First off, you want to make sure a school provides direction toward whichever licensing program you’re most interested in. Your licensing test will be what showcases your knowledge to potential future employers. You also want to make sure a school has established credentials in the beauty industry, with top-notch individuals driving it. It’s also important that the school you visit offers different types of education, including hands-on experience, so you have the best possible path toward mastering your trade.


You may see the terms “beauty school,” “hair school” and “cosmetology school” passed around when you start to look into education for a future beauty career. What is the difference between beauty school, cosmetology school and hair school? At the end of the day, it all relies on the individual school.

It’s important that you look into each individual school, rather than trying to make a judgment on all beauty schools, all hair schools or all cosmetology schools. Tricoci University offers options for people interested in many different beauty careers, including barbering, nail technology, and esthetics. Regardless of your beauty intentions, Tricoci University can help you make it a reality.

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