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How to Make Money While In Cosmetology School

March 30th, 2020


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Most of us who decide to attend cosmetology school prioritize turning our passion into a career. Once you have decided to pursue a career in cosmetology, you of course need to research your options and apply to schools. You’ll also want to start thinking about financial planning.

Cosmetology schools, like Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, provide many resources for students looking for ways to support themselves and help finance their education. In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways you can make money while enrolled in cosmetology school.

Do You Get Paid in Cosmetology School?

Let’s get this one out of the way first, because it is a common question among incoming students. Since you are still learning the ins-and-outs of the industry, it is unlikely you will find a paying cosmetology gig during your time in school. That shouldn’t stop you from going.

There are many different ways to support yourself while attending cosmetology school.

How to Make Money While Going to School

So, we’ve arrived at our main topic: Just how can someone make money while attending cosmetology school? Let’s review what has worked for students at Tricoci University.

Pick Up a Flexible, Part-Time Job

Many students decide to pick up a part-time job to help them pay the bills while in school. When you start looking for a job as a student, you’re going to have limited availability. There may also be certain age- and location-based restrictions you’ll have to factor in. The good news is that many part-time gigs have flexible schedules and hours that fall outside of time in class.

Full-time students enrolled at Tricoci University are mostly limited to evenings and weekends for available working hours. In Illinois and Indiana, our cosmetology program is 12 months long. That is a lot of time spent in the classroom. You need to find employment that will accommodate this. Some students balance this by working during the day and attending our night school courses.

Weekend roles at local establishments, such as bars or restaurants, are a great way to supplement your income. The weekend shifts are often the busiest and provide the most opportunity to earn tips. Note that some occupations may require you to be 21 or older.

Also keep in mind that while part-time enrollment at Tricoci University takes 20 months to complete, it can offer more flexibility in the type of job you take on. Franchises, like Starbucks, have programs for FAFSA recipients to work a specific amount of hours throughout their education. Some even offer loan support when certain criteria are signed up for and met.

If the service industry isn’t your thing, there are likely other part-time gigs you can discover with a little bit of research. It helps to find part-time employment that you at least somewhat enjoy. Other options include working for community spaces, such as libraries, banks and more. Many people are also involved in the “gig economy” where they utilize their vehicle to work for a delivery or ridesharing platform. Others do freelance work by showcasing their creative skills online.

Don’t Forget About Financial Aid

If you decide to go to cosmetology school full-time, you can apply for loans and grants (financial aid) that cover your expenses for the time that you are in school. Many students may qualify for student loans that provide the necessary funding for tuition.

Do keep in mind that, as with any loan, once you graduate you’re typically going to have to pay back those student loans with interest. You may want to minimize borrowing to reduce debt. You can accomplish this through carpooling, public transit, living with family or finding roommates.

Note that you may also qualify for some forms of financial aid that do not require repayment. It is a good idea to do your research and work closely with your school to discuss opportunities.

Keep Work- and Student-life Balance in Mind

While money is a necessity in life, you don’t want your work to interfere with your ability to gain the education and training you need to begin a career in cosmetology. Always stay focused on the end goal of your schooling. Working while in cosmetology school should be something that you do to support your dream, not something that hurts your chances at success in the field.

If you ever feel like your ability to support yourself is putting your cosmetology school education at risk, then you should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to talk things over.

Building Your Social Media Portfolio

A niche but worthwhile income option potentially worth pursuing is to your social media portfolio. Preferred social media platforms for cosmetology students to showcase their work include Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest. Note that even if you don’t have success making money off your account (it takes skill and a decent amount of luck), you can use your preferred platform to build a portfolio and network with other influencers in the industry.

Let’s briefly explore some tips for building your social media portfolio to help you get started.

Keep It Professional, But Still Have Fun

While being authentic and true to yourself is a great way to connect with audiences on social media, you also want to make sure to treat any public accounts tied to your cosmetology work as ones that could be viewed by a potential employer. Don’t post anything that would make others look down on you or, even worse, something that might eventually wind up costing you a job.

Balance showcasing lighthearted moments with examples of some of your favorite work while training in or practicing cosmetology. Just ask for permission before filming someone else!

Think of It As a Showcase of Your Skills

Sure, you could hop on your preferred social media platform, post selfies and just hangout. But in order to truly get noticed on social media as someone who has a knack for cosmetology, you’ll want to think of each post as a showcase of your skills. Of course, there is still room to inject your personality into the account, but you should highlight your improving skills whenever possible.

For example, if posting to Instagram, think of each post as something that you could show off to a potential salon or spa when seeking employment. It’s another way to set yourself apart.

Focus on Gaining a Local Following First

It’s possible, but very unlikely, that you’re going to build a national following for your amateur cosmetology clips on social media. You’ll be competing with others around the world and professionals, as well. Focus on gaining a local following first. This may even present an opportunity to network with others in your community that have a passion for beauty.

If you are enthusiastic about sharing your experience and find an audience willing to listen, social media can provide an exciting side hustle prospect for those looking to supplement their income. That said, we still recommend considering your full range of work and financial aid options.

Have More Money Questions? We Can Help.

Whether you’re already enrolled at Tricoci University or just doing your research, money can often be a stressful topic. The most important thing during your financial planning process is to stay in touch with family, other students and school advisors. Cosmetology school is a path toward a fulfilling career for hardworking and creative people such as yourself. Building connections in your community while earning income can add to this experience.

Have more questions about money or financial aid? Request more info today.

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