Prerequisites to get into beauty school

What Do You Need to Do to Get Into Beauty School?

February 13th, 2020


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If you love the idea of working in the beauty industry, you may want to go to beauty school. Remember, beauty school isn’t the end of the road. The right beauty school should help you pass your licensing exam and make it much more likely that you’ll be able to find an ideal employer. Plus, it also opens up opportunities for your career in the far future. Here’s what’s most important to remember as you get into beauty school:

Legal Requirements

Legally, each state sets its own requirements for how much education you need before you can enter beauty school. Most states require a high school diploma or GED, but in states that don’t require it, most schools will require one anyway. This makes sure you have basic knowledge of important concepts like math and science, which you’ll use in your beauty career.

Additionally, you’ll need to be a certain age before you can enter beauty school, even if you graduated early. Most states set that age at either 17 or 18, but a few states set the age at 16. Even if the legal requirement is under 18, however, make sure you check with the individual school you’re considering. They may require you to be 18.

Social Requirements

Beauty schools want to see that you really desire a career in the beauty industry. Schools typically provide an admission application that you need to fill out. Questions may include, “Why would you be a good student for our school?” and “What drives you to be in the beauty industry?” Answer these questions with the information that shows your best qualities, but be honest.

If you’re still in high school and looking toward a career in the beauty industry, you might want to build a strong foundation in the beauty community in your area. A beauty school may look more favorably on your application, for example, if someone in the area has offered you a job after you graduate. Showing that you’re already making a name for yourself in the beauty community will make your application stronger.

Personal Requirements

There are some personal qualities you should have if you’re going to attend beauty school. Of course, the admission application may go over these questions, but you also need some personal qualities that an admission application may not take into account. It’s an important part of making sure you have what it takes to get through beauty school.

It’s important that you’re dedicated to doing high-quality work. You can’t just put a minimum amount of work into beauty; you have to give it your all. You may also want to make sure you have lots of dexterity and endurance so you can accurately perform small movements every day and stand for long periods of time. Lastly, remember that beauty school thrives on creativity, so you need to foster your creative skills.

Additional Forms and Requirements

Depending on the school and your personal situation, you may need to complete certain additional forms and meet additional requirements. Make sure you do some research on your preferred school to see what requirements the school has. For example, some schools require that you disclose if you’ve ever been convicted of a felony. You may also need to complete financial aid forms if you can’t pay for the school out of pocket. The school’s website should give you more insight into these requirements.


You may find lots of requirements for beauty schools or schools for esthetics. However, regardless of the requirements, one thing is clear: you need to be dedicated to your craft, which means you need to find a university that’s just as dedicated. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture offers programs in cosmetology, esthetics, barbering and nail technology, giving you a full suite of options for your future in the beauty industry. If you’re looking to work with a beauty school that’s as invested as you are, look no further than Tricoci University.

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