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Instructor Training Instructional Approach

We are committed to creating teachers that encourage their students toward something bigger and better. Tricoci University facilitates a teaching process that’s smarter, more adaptable, and more thoughtful.

Tricoci University is proud to offer the most advanced educational materials, equipment and facilities to our students. With your new student kit, you’ll receive an Apple iPad, yours to keep, which will deliver part of the curriculum you receive throughout the course. Tricoci University teaches through a mix of videos, demonstrations, guest artists, visual and practical presentations, lectures and hands-on experience.By doing so, we’re able to craft an engaging learning experience that prepares you for beauty education in the real world. Tricoci University’s Instructor Training program will prepare you for a career as a beauty industry instructor. As a Teacher Trainee, you will be educated on many of the same skills that a traditional educator is trained on. You will learn the importance of brain compatible learning and how to reach the multiple learning styles present in today’s classrooms. Teacher Trainees will also become skilled in; writing lesson plans, managing learner outcomes in the classroom and on the clinic, all while bringing the much-needed energy and fun to the learning environment. Today’s beauty industry students deserve the very best education. With the variety of teaching concepts acquired in the Instructor Training program, you can be the dynamic teacher the future industry professionals need.

Plus, with our schedule being three days per week, it’s easier than ever to become an instructor while working in the beauty industry.
After completing the first 11 weeks of the program, Teacher Trainees then move to the advanced portion of the program. Teacher Trainees will be working with students along with a licensed instructor as a mentor.

Barber Instructor Training

During their program, trainees will be teaching students the different skills and disciplines needed to become a licensed barber while being coached and evaluated by a mentor. Trainees will be assisting students with chairside facials, clipper cutting, facial shaves, graphics, color and chemical texturizing to name a few of the services. By completing the Barber Teacher program, you’ll be in a position to teach these concepts to your students.

Curriculum Hours

There are two options for the Barber Teacher program. These options vary depending on how much education and experience you have. The experience program is shorter, but all students in this program must have more than two years of career experience and maintain an active license while enrolled in the program.

  • Barber Teacher/Instructor: 1000 Hours (22.5 Hours/Week) 11-12 Months
  • Barber Teacher/Instructor With Experience: 600 Hours (22.5 Hours/Week) 7 Months

Campuses Offering the Barber Teacher Program

These campuses typically offer the Barber Teacher program, but hours and offerings may vary depending on the campus. Contact the campus in question for more details.

Barber Instructor Training

Cosmetology Teacher Trainee

As a Cosmetology Teacher Trainee, you’ll be teaching students who are destined for a variety of cosmetology careers. Trainees will be coached and evaluated by mentors as they assist with daily activities of students in the classroom as well as on the student clinic. Trainees will guide students through hair, skin and nail services on guests during their program. When you complete the Cosmetology Teacher program, you’ll be in a position to grow future cosmetology professionals.

Curriculum Hours
There are two options for the Cosmetology Teacher program.

  • Cosmetology Teacher: 1000 Hours(22.5 Hours/Week) 11-12 Months
  • Cosmetology Teacher With Experience: 600 Hours (22.5 Hours/Week) 7 Months

Your options may vary depending on your current career path and your past experience. You can qualify for the With Experience program if you have more than two years of cosmetology experience and maintain your active license throughout the program.

Campuses Offering the Cosmetology Teacher Program

These campuses typically offer the Barber Teacher program, but hours and offerings may vary depending on the campus. Contact the campus in question for more details.

Cosmetology Instructor Training

Esthetics Instructor Training

The field of Esthetics is an important one, and esthetics students have a significant place in the beauty industry. You will be teaching esthetics students about skin care treatments, hair removal, makeup application and more under the guidance of a mentor. All students deserve the best, and an Esthetics Teacher program from Tricoci University can help you become the best teacher possible.

Curriculum Hours
There is one option for the Esthetics Teacher program.

  • Esthetics Teacher/Instructor: 750 Hours (22.5 Hours/Week) 9 Months

Because the Tricoci University teaching program is set up to let you “earn while you learn,” you can only take this program part time. Esthetics Teacher Trainees must have an active license throughout the program

Campuses Offering the Esthetics Teacher Program

These campus offers the Esthetics Teacher program, but details and specifics of the program may vary depending on a variety of factors. Always contact the campus you’re interested in before you start making plans for your enrollment.

Esthetics Instructor Training

Becoming an Insturctor for the Next Generation of Beauty Professionals

Whether you’ve been a professional for years or you’ve just started on your journey, teachers are a necessary and important part of the industry. You can become one of them through Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

Tricoci University is a well-respected university for Barbers, Cosmetologists, Nails, Esthetics and Teachers alike. If you’re looking to educate students about Cosmetology, Esthetics or Barbering, please reach out to a Tricoci University team member today to learn more.

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