Are you thinking of trying out hairdressing colleges in Chicago, Illinois? Hairdressing colleges in Chicago provide an accessible way to maximize your career opportunities. That’s why they’re becoming more and more popular with people looking into higher education. Here’s everything you need to know about applying to hairdressing college.

1. Prerequisites

Before you start, make sure you meet all the necessary prerequisites. Here are a few of the most prominent things you need to meet before enrolling.

  • Age

The required age for a beauty program may vary depending on the program. At Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, you have to be 16 by the first day of class, or 18 if you’re going into a teacher program.

  • Education

The only prerequisite for education that Tricoci University requires is that you have a high school diploma or equivalent. That may mean a high school transcript of completion or a GED certificate.

  • Special Requirements

Depending on the program you’re entering, there may be special requirements you should pay attention to. For example, if you’re entering a hairdressing teacher program, you need to have a current license in cosmetology.

2. Contact a Member of the School

Your next step is to talk to a team member at the school you want to attend. At Tricoci University, you can either fill out the online form to request information or you can call the toll-free number. From there, you’ll be able to move into the second phase of your application process.

  • Schedule Your Campus Tour

The first important thing is to schedule a campus tour. Your chosen campus will probably be different than any other campus, so it’s a good idea to take a tour and become a little more acquainted with the environment you’ll be learning in. During a tour, you can learn more about the area and the hairdressing class structure.

  • Attend an Informational Interview

Next, you should attend an interview with an enrollment official. Make sure you write down some questions you might have about the course, the campus and anything else you’re unsure about. You’ll get a chance to ask your questions and learn more about the intricacies of admission for a specific school.

3. Determine Your Financial Aid Needs

It’s important that you pay attention to your financial needs. Here are some common financial aid options for students.

  • Scholarships

Scholarships offer you the ability to get money from a special fund to pay off parts of college or parts of your living expenses. Scholarships may be exclusive to hairdressing colleges in Chicago, available to everyone in Illinois, available to people from a certain background, or otherwise restricted.

  • Federal Financial Aid

Most people can obtain federal financial aid. Federal financial aid often comes in the form of grants you don’t have to pay back, although you can also often obtain federal loans that may have lower interest than private loans.

  • Payment Plans

The school you’re attending may have its own payment plan options for you. If you’re going to hairdressing class at the Chicago NE campus of Tricoci University, for example, you can take advantage of different payment plans that make it easier for you to pay for school.


  • What Will I Learn in Hairdressing College?

Hairdressing class will give you information you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll learn everything you need to know to become a hairdresser, including client communication, sanitary practices and hairdressing tips and tricks.

If you’re interested specifically in cutting and styling hair, you’ll want to choose a hairdressing college in Chicago rather than an anesthetics or nail technology program. Hairdressing class will deliver these topics more effectively.

Cosmetology requires creativity, hard work and information the general public doesn’t really have, which makes it an incredible career path. People really can’t automate the cosmetology field, and it’ll always be in demand.

Take Your First Step Today

Becoming a hairdresser is a great first step toward taking control of your life. It’s a career you can express yourself in, and it’s one that can offer financial stability for the future. If you’re interested in attending a hairdressing college in Chicago, fill out the online form at Tricoci University to take your first step toward the career.