Lafayette Beauty Academy Acquired by Tricoci University

September 30th, 2019

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Have you heard the news about Lafayette Beauty Academy in Lafayette, IN? In an exciting change, the beauty school has been acquired by Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

As the Lafayette Campus of Tricoci University, future beauty professionals now have access to the acclaimed Tricoci beauty program.

Transforming Beauty Education

The long-standing traditions of Lafayette Beauty Academy include a 50-year history of helping students launch successful beauty careers. As Lafayette Beauty Academy transitions into Tricoci University’s Lafayette campus, students can now become a part of this decades-old tradition while completing a top-tier beauty training program.

The Tricoci University curriculum was designed using extensive knowledge about what it takes to succeed in the beauty industry. Founder Mario Tricoci has transformed beauty education. Training includes hands-on training, an understanding of style, the opportunity to work with guests in an on-site salon and skills in the business of beauty. Plus, the accredited program gives students access to financial aid

Kim Havel, who owned the former Lafayette Beauty Academy, said:

“As I met Mario and the team, I felt that they had the same kind of dreams and desires as I did. With their resources and their knowledge, I just felt like it would take the students to a bigger level.”

Cosmetology Program in Lafayette, IN

Are you interested in a career as a hairstylist, colorist, makeup artist or beauty professional?

The Cosmetology program at Tricoci University’s Lafayette campus trains students in hair care techniques, the use of coloring treatments, nail technology basics, the theory of beauty and the essentials of salon management. The program can be completed in as little as 12 months.

Esthetics Program in Lafayette, IN

Do you see yourself becoming a professional skin care expert, makeup artist, facialist or waxing specialist?

Students attending the Esthetics program at Tricoci University’s Lafayette campus learn the practical techniques and scientific foundations of skin care. In as little as six months, students will graduate from an advanced training program that includes working with real customers in the on-campus salon.

Nail Technology Program in Lafayette, IN

Would you like to specialize in nail technology and manicuring?

The Nail Technology program at the Lafayette campus of Tricoci University gives students an in-depth look at the techniques and business practice of nail care. This includes advanced sterilization practices, anatomy understanding, state law regulations, the chemistry of manicuring and pedicuring, and the business skills of salesmanship.

Instructor Training Program in Lafayette, IN

Would you like to earn while you learn? The Instructor Training program gives students at Tricoci University’s Lafayette campus a chance to help other students fulfill their dreams of becoming a beauty professional. When you train to become a Cosmetology Instructor or Esthetics Instructor, you’ll become a part of the legacy of beauty training professionals.

Learn more about how Tricoci University of Beauty Culture can help you launch your beauty career.

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