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Other Skills you Gain from a Beauty School Education

June 12th, 2021

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You might be seeking out a program at a beauty school because you are passionate about the beauty industry; you’re eager to learn how to craft the perfect balayage or how to treat skin so that it will be flawless and glowing. Perhaps you didn’t know that there is more to beauty school than just hands-on, technical skills. Here at Tricoci University, we want our students to thrive beyond our doors. This means, we want our students to learn business, marketing and branding skills, so that they are well-rounded graduates, ready to pursue a career of their choosing. Here’s a few of the other things you will gain from your beauty school education.

beauty school students

Event Experience

While at school at Tricoci University, you will be encouraged to attend and even participate in local beauty events. For example, in Bloomington, IN, many students attend the Miss Indiana University preliminary competition to be inspired by different hair and makeup styles. Students at our Chicago campuses can attend the annual America’s Beauty Show in downtown Chicago for the opportunity to participate in seminars and workshops in their fields of choice, gaining more niche hair and makeup skills for their toolkit. These events are a great way for students to be introduced to different avenues they can pursue post-graduation, while also offering the ability to meet others in their field and make connections.

Networking Opportunities

Just like in any other field of employment, networking can be critical in deciding what path to pursue and even which company you end up working for. At Tricoci University, we pride ourselves on providing students with networking opportunities. Typically, there are certain dates and times reserved at each campus in which local professionals from surrounding salons come to discuss their experiences and meet with students. During these times, students can gain a better understanding of how their schooling experience can translate to a full-time career. Beyond this, these networking opportunities allow students to make connections with industry professionals from the area, which can be helpful in finding a career post-graduation.

Managerial Skills

We understand that not everyone will choose the route of working a traditional job as a hair stylist or esthetician. Perhaps you’re more interested in pursuing a managerial position post-graduation. Tricoci University offers the skills needed to enter a business-oriented beauty career. These skills include time-management, marketing, and sales experience. These skills are taught in person, as students navigate managing clients through the student clinic, as well as through e-learning, which is facilitated through ipads provided in the student kits.

Social Media Skills

Social media is such an important part of business and branding in today’s society. Having a successful social media presence with high engagement can greatly help someone in the beauty industry to self-promote their skills and different services they can provide. Many students are encouraged to showcase their final products, whether it be a perfect shade of hair color, a head-turning up-do, or skin fresh and glowing after a facial treatment. While Tricoci University will cover these aspects in class, we now offer a student ambassador program for those who are looking to further their skills. In this program, students will have the opportunity to participate in monthly seminars, led by a professional social media marketing agency, in which topics will be covered to enhance engagement, craft a personal, professional image and much more.


As with any job, having a professional demeanor and presence can get you far. You may not want to treat your clients as you treat your best friends. Acting as an industry professional is not something that can be taught in a book, but rather is a soft skill that is learned through experience. At Tricoci University, students will have the opportunity to work with real clients who have booked a service through the clinic .People of all ages and backgrounds attend our clinics for various esthetics and hair services. Through these frequent interactions, students will be able to practice navigating different types of clients and their needs. These clients will prepare them for a full-time career in which they may interact with new and returning clients daily. After all, a great first interaction could lead to a long-time client on your roster.

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A beauty school education is so much more than just learning a craft. Skills like time-management and marketing are invaluable in the working world, and will help you create a successful career. If you’re interested in a beauty school program, reach out to an admissions officer at Tricoci University to learn more!

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