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Why Do Beauty Schools Have Multiple Teachers?

June 15th, 2021


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When you attend beauty school, you’re going to learn from a variety of different teachers. At first, you might not understand why—if an individual can be proficient in many different things, why not have each class connect with a single teacher who can teach them all to you? As a matter of fact, there are many reasons beauty schools have multiple teachers for each group of students. Here are a few of the ways multiple teachers can benefit a student class.

1. Every Teacher Can Be an Expert in Something Different

Even though your teachers are certainly going to be proficient in all the skills you need to succeed as a cosmetologist or esthetician, every person will still have their own personal areas of expertise. As you go through beauty school, for example, you may find that you have a knack for coloring, styling, applying facials or exfoliating. Teachers are the same way. Your teachers are all experts at something different, and that’s one of the reasons you have more than one.

2. Every Teacher Will Connect With Different Students

It’s common for a student to bond with certain teachers for different reasons. Sometimes, two people just don’t get along as well as they could. That doesn’t mean the teacher you don’t bond with is a bad teacher; it just means you have different personalities. With a wide variety of teachers, it’s more likely that every student will connect with at least one and have an opportunity to foster a great working relationship.

3. Students Can Feel Comfortable Coming to Their Teachers

If you have a problem with your work, you need to feel comfortable coming to a teacher to ask for more clarification. Teachers are not only working to teach students specific skills; they are also there to provide a sense of support and to provide honest feedback. As a student, you should feel comfortable in asking your teachers for help in areas that you are struggling. In turn, teachers should be able to provide honest feedback that will enable students to be as successful as possible. Having a relationship that allows students to feel comfortable in asking for assistance is key for a successful beauty school experience.

4. Teachers Can More Effectively Prepare Their Students for Real Life

Your beauty school should prepare you for your career. One of the reasons students love Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is that the teachers are here to make sure you succeed in the world of cosmetology. Students who graduate from Tricoci University are often nervous about finally entering the real world, but they also feel like they’re ready to do it. You want to feel like you’re truly prepared, and a great beauty school will do that.


There’s a good reason beauty schools typically have multiple teachers—you’ll get a better education when you have more than one teacher heading up that education. Not only will it improve your actual knowledge, but it’ll also make it easier for you to have a great experience. If you’re thinking about a beauty school experience that’s better in every way, request more information from Tricoci University to start your journey.

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