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What Will a Nail Technology Program Actually Teach You?

July 1st, 2020

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When you’re considering a nail technology program, one thing you’ll probably think about is the rate of return for the program. Essentially, you want to know that the time, energy and money you spend on nail technology programs will be worth it. To that end, it’s important to know what a nail technology program will really teach you. Here are some of the top concepts and skills a nail technology program will give you access to.

Sanitation and Cleanliness Procedures

Of all the concepts a nail technology program offers you access to, sanitation and cleanliness might be the most important concrete principles. Sanitation and cleanliness are extremely important, and they require certain pieces of academic knowledge, like a thorough understanding of how you sanitize your instruments after every procedure.

How to Work With a Team

During a nail technology program, you’ll get an in-depth knowledge of how to work with a team. More than likely, your teachers will pair you with various classmates to give you group projects and general salon projects. If you’re not able to work with a team and achieve your goals, you won’t be able to get through your nail technology program.

How to Handle Customers

As a nail technician, you’ll be handling dozens of customers every day. That means you need to know how to handle customers, whether those customers are being polite, rude, outspoken or quiet. During the nail technology program, you’ll get a chance to work with real customers. This will give you a better understanding of working with customers at a salon.

Ways to Put Your Creativity to Work

Creativity isn’t really something nail technology programs will teach you. That’s something you’ll have to find on your own. However, what a nail technology program can teach you is how to take your inborn creativity and put it to work. Because you’re going to be using your creativity every day in your nail technology program, you’ll get better at understanding how to use your creativity.


Nail technology isn’t always easy. However, if you’re willing to work through the difficult parts of the nail technology process, you can find a career that’s really impactful, both on your own life and on the lives of others. That’s why perseverance is such a useful and important part of the nail technology process. Whenever you have a problem with a nail technology program, you can use that problem to learn and grow.

A Passion for Nail Technology

Although sanitation and cleanliness information might be the most important concrete principles a nail technology program can teach, passion is by far the most non-concrete principle. You should always strive to be part of a career you truly love. When you’re practicing it day in and day out through a nail technology program, you’re more likely to develop that passion.


As you can see, nail technology programs aren’t just about learning the steps to take for high-quality nail care and cleanliness. Nail technology programs can teach you a variety of concepts that can be difficult to gain access to otherwise. If you’re looking for the best Nail Technology programs, consider looking at the nail tech options from Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

At Tricoci University, you’ll gain access to the most up-to-date information about nail technology, which will let you stay on the cutting edge of the nail technology world so you’re prepared to work as soon as you complete the program. Tricoci University offers nail technology programs in Indianapolis and Lafayette, so you can choose whichever one works best for your needs.


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