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Winter Trend: Feather Extensions

December 9th, 2011

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By Raquel Gutierrez, TUBC Glendale Heights

Feathers are once again turning up in stylish hair, this time in the form of colored rooster-feather extensions, a fad driven not by the royal court, but by music celebrities like Ke$ha and Steven Tyler. Students here at the Glendale Heights Tricoci University School of Beauty Culture have been trained by their teachers how to apply the extensions. Guests have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of lengths and colors, allowing each and very guest to customize their own stylish look! The feathers can help add color, texture, or some exciting, new highlights. The extensions start at seven dollars for one and for a bundle of three, the price jumps up to eighteen dollars. Feather extensions are a hot item in the beauty industry today and for us, as students, to have the opportunity to learn how to apply them to guests hair, is a great experience that we can take with us once we graduate and work in a salon. Many of the students here jumped on the opportunity to get a feather hair extension. Many salons offer the extensions but their price range is quite expensive so as a school and offering them at a discounted price, is a great way for Tricoci and the students to advertise their skills and services. As the feather extensions are becoming more and more popular, maintenance is a big key in making them stay fresh and stylish. The feathers we use are high quality, allowing the guest to blow-dry, brush, straighten, wash and curl them without any damage happening! They easily attach by a micro bead that is clamped onto the hair strand. And wah-lah!! Your modeling the hottest Hollywood trend! Attending Tricoci University has allowed me as a student to grow and perfect my skills as a stylist, and having the opportunity to learn about new trends, makes the learning experience even more rewarding in the end!

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