Start Your Career as a Barber in Indianapolis, Indiana

It takes a certain amount of patience and skill to stand out among the barbers of the world. If you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, the team with Tricoci University of Beauty Culture in Indianapolis, Indiana can help you take your next steps.

What Can I Do As a Barber?

Barbers who get their education through Tricoci University can pursue a range of different careers, courtesy of the skills they learn both in the classroom and in Tricoci University’s student salon. These careers can include:

  • Barber
  • Barbershop Manager
  • Barbershop Owner
  • Master Barber
  • Men’s Stylist
  • TV Stylist

While, at face value, these careers may seem to be one and the same, the different levels of management can have a direct impact on the way you live your life post-education. Similarly, you have the opportunity to strike out on your own, if you are so inclined. You can work with a representative from Tricoci University to make connections with barbers in less conventional fields and determine for yourself how you want to put your license to use.

Scheduling Your Classes at Tricoci University in Indianapolis, Indiana

Are you worried that your busy schedule may keep you from getting the education you want? Tricoci University knows that its students have busy lives. The 1,500-hour Barber program can be taken by both part-time and full-time students, with classes offered in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. You can also fast-track your barbering education with a 500-hour program, if you’ve already attended and graduated from an accredited cosmetology program.



Accessing Your Financial Aid Opportunities

When you start to think about going back to school, one of the first questions you’re going to have about a potential program is the cost. Secondary education is expensive, so how can you make sure that you have the resources to make it through your program?

Tricoci University is ready to connect its accepted students with all manner of financial aid. This includes:

  • Federal Financial Aid: Tricoci University is an accredited trade school through NACCAS, meaning that its students can benefit from federal financial aid. You do not have to be a low-income student to benefit from federal financial aid. When you apply for this kind of support, you may receive academic financing based on a sliding scale. This means that you will receive your financing based on your family’s overall income.
  • Scholarships: You also have the opportunity to apply for a variety of scholarships after you’ve been accepted into the Tricoci program. Scholarships are available through private institutions and can fit you with the funding you need to see your way through your barbering program. If you’re not sure how to start applying for this kind of funding, you can reach out to a Tricoci representative to see what kind of support your previous academic work and current demographics may qualify you for.

If you’ve been accepted as a student at Tricoci University in Indianapolis, Indiana, you can also sign up for the University’s tuition payment program. This program allows you to pay your tuition on a monthly basis instead of as a lump sum as soon as classes begin. The University does not charge students involved in this program interest, meaning that you can comfortably begin taking classes without putting yourself under unnecessary financial stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Should I Start Taking Barber Classes at Tricoci University?

If you’re thinking about going back to school, then you’ve probably got your eyes set on the future. With that in mind, you may find yourself asking whether or not secondary education is worth the time and money.

Continuing your barbering education does more than just give you more tools in your skills toolbox. With an education from Tricoci University, you have the opportunity to take your career as a barber to the next level. This kind of work cannot be automated and is in high demand all around the country. No matter what, then, you’ll be able to leave the Indianapolis campus and have the opportunity to find work, either in the city itself or elsewhere around the nation.

    • How Much Does it Cost to Attend Barber courses?

The cost of attending Tricoci University as part of the Barbering program varies from person to person. Each student has the opportunity to seek out their own financial aid, meaning that the out-of-pocket expenses for each individual cannot be readily estimated. However, if you want to get a better idea of how your tuition, housing, financial aid, and other living costs may interact with one another, you can. Tricoci University offers an Indianapolis Barber program price calculator to incoming students that you can use to figure out just how much your continued education may cost.



When Do Classes at Tricoci University Begin?

The classes at Tricoci University do not operate on a standard semester schedule. Instead, the University offers new barbering courses every six weeks. Whenever you feel ready, you’ll have the opportunity to apply to the program and continue your barbering education.


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