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The Benefits of Nail Tech Night School

March 13th, 2024

Nail Technology

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Finding the right program to help you realize your dreams of becoming a nail technician is not always easy, especially if you’re trying to juggle the rest of life’s responsibilities alongside your schooling. That’s where night classes come in, and for those interested in nail artistry as a career path, attending evening classes as a part-time student may be the solution you were looking for.

Nail Tech Night Classes for Busy Students

One of the biggest barriers to continued education and pursuing certifications or licensure in a trade is, simply, life. Bills need to be paid, children need to be cared for, the chores won’t do themselves, and sometimes it can feel like a struggle just to fit in all the “have to”s in a given day, which makes clearing time for the “want to”s seem impossible. Even if those “want to”s include following a passion to better your life in the long run.

If traditional class schedules don’t fit with the stack of responsibilities you’re currently up against, you don’t have the time to attend day classes, or you simply find that you’re more receptive to learning in the evening, then nail tech night school might be for you.

It’s important to note that not all nail technician programs will offer night classes or allow students to attend part-time, so finding the right program to fit your schedule and needs is important. At Tricoci University, we offer a nail technology program at two of our campuses (Indianapolis NE and Lafayette), and most students can complete the 600-hour training program in just 6 months with a part-time schedule.

For potential students who need to continue working full or part-time while they study, this part-time schedule flexibility can truly make the difference between allowing the space to build a new career path or feeling stuck in the same path you’re currently on.

Enjoy the Benefits of Evening Nail Tech School

At the end of the day, most aspiring manicurist/pedicurists and nail artists choose to pursue a nail technician program because they are ready to turn their hobby into a passion-filled career. If you’re unsure of whether or not nail tech classes might be for you, whether it’s evening nail tech classes at our Indianapolis campus or a daytime program, there are wonderful benefits to night nail tech school and part-time nail tech school to consider. Some benefits include:

  • Schedule flexibility. As a part-time nail tech student, you don’t have to put your life on hold in order to prioritize your education. Investing some time each week is enough to complete Tricoci University’s nail technology program in just 6 months.
  • Ability to balance childcare. While childcare needs will vary from family to family, night classes offer students the opportunity to better trade off with other caregivers who have a traditional 9 to 5 job, so you can focus on bettering your future.
  • Balance with a full time job. If you currently work full time and are worried about affording school with cut working hours, evening classes offer the chance for you to do both. The freedom to pursue your ideal career while maintaining an existing one is a major benefit for part-time students.
  • Take time to invest in your passions. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to put everything on hold so you can enroll as a nail technology student full-time. At Tricoci University, we don’t believe that should get in the way of prioritizing your passions and elevating your future. Part-time study options encourage you to say yes instead of putting off your goals of becoming a professional nail technician.

Become a Professional Nail Technician on Your Time with Tricoci University

Whether you’re looking for evening class times to balance life’s daily responsibilities or you are most interested in attending a nail technician program that provides part-time students equal opportunities to learn, practice, and build their professional skills, Tricoci University is here to help. Contact us to learn more today.

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