Do You Need a Nail Technology Program for a Career?

June 24th, 2020

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Nail technology can be a great career. Whether you want to give traditional manicures or you want to go crazy with nail art, nail technology gives you the freedom to choose how you want to craft your career. However, many people aren’t completely sure of the need for a nail technology program to achieve these goals. Is it really important that you go through the nail technology program? Here’s everything you need to know about your nail technology program needs.

1. What Is a Nail Technology Program?

In basic terms, a nail technology program is any program that will teach you the concepts you need to succeed in the nail technology field. Most people can agree that nail technology requires a lot of concepts the general public doesn’t know, and a nail technology program will teach you that information.

Most of the time, you’ll visit a beauty school to attend a nail technology program. Of course, not every beauty school has a nail technology program, but most nail technology programs attach themselves to a beauty school. A cosmetology program may also incorporate elements of nail technology.

2. What Will You Learn in a Nail Technology Program?

A nail technology program will go over a variety of different concepts that will help you learn how to help customers that come to a nail salon looking for services. All nail technology programs are not the same, but there are a few concepts that almost every nail technology program will teach, including the following:

  • Sanitation Procedures
  • Painting Nails
  • Basic Nail Art
  • Cleaning Nails
  • Trimming Nails
  • Customer Service
  • Salon Managing

These concepts are all very important for nail technology. Even if you’re not planning to run your own salon at any point in the future, it’s important that you get an understanding of the salon’s management process so you can work more effectively.

3. Is a Nail Technology Program Mandatory to Work As a Nail Tech?

Some people wonder whether they need to take a nail technology program if they’re interested in working as a nail tech. Could you just do research on your own and learn all the concepts? Would that be as effective as taking a nail technology program?

The answer is probably not. Most nail technology programs give you access to information you really can’t find anywhere else. Additionally, whether you live in a state that requires licensure or you’re pursuing licensure because of its varied career-based benefits, you’ll usually need to have completed a nail technology program before you can get a job as a nail tech.

4. Where Can You Attend a Nail Technology Program?

When you’ve decided to go through a nail technology program, the first step is typically to find a nail technology program in your area. Not all beauty schools offer nail technology programs, and not all nail technology programs are high enough quality to work for your needs. That’s why many students are considering nail technology through Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

Tricoci University offers the Nail Technology program at both the Indianapolis, IN, campus and the Lafayette, IN, campus. You can choose to attend whichever program is closest to you. Get in contact with a team member today to learn more about your nail technology opportunities at Tricoci University.

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